Monday thread for Monday


Morning dissers

I’m currently sat in a nice cafe drinking flat while while my car gets MOTed

Had a promising 1st date last night, hope I don’t fuck it up

How is everyone?


At home today with a 3 old who has a 40 degree fever

Might be a nightmare, might be just watching her sleep all day. Who knows ?


Oof sounds bad. You got in the liquid ibuprofen as well as the Calpol?


Morning grievoustim and co

Had a really good weekend in the end as a couple of mates came up for an impromptu visit. Took them to a bar with crazy golf then for Indian food where we demolished the combo for 6 between the 4 of us. Had to work for a few hours yesterday but it actually helped reduce the Sunday dread.


Hey GT :slight_smile: That’s great news about your date! I promise you you will not fuck it up. I like to imagine they’re in their own music forum discussing the date with their friends having exactly the same worries. So yeah, fingers crossed they don’t fuck it up! :upside_down:


Best wishes to jr Bodyinthethames

It’s tough when they get ill when they are so little


A bar with Crazy Golf in the bar? I have never witnessed such a thing


good morning everyone


It’s really hard because they’ve had to squeeze nine holes into a room above the main bar, so there are loads of corners to manoeuvre. It took me 11 shots on a supposedly 3 par hole :see_no_evil:


It is a morning.

Saturday I played in (and won) a tiny penoid card game tournament in the Fens.

Sunday I did fuck all and also made cookies.

Today I need to clear my deadlines for the next fortnight or so as I’m off on a long weekend to The Hague/Amsterdam on Thursday. Tonight I’ve got another mini penoid tournament in the pub if I’ve got time/can be arsed.


morning campers. pretty sore after going to the gym for the first time in yonks yesters. made a nice smoothie. sipping coffee. got bugger all else to do today unless someone calls me about some work.


Roxy Ballroom and Bundobust?


Yes and yes, it was my second time at Bundobust in four days and now all I think about is okra fries


Cc @1101010

Got the up-the-ibuprofen & she HATES that. Doesn’t appear to be bunged up though, just high fever

Oddly, in the half hour periods that she is awake she seems ecstaticly happy & excessively lucid and chatty & witty & intelligent & charming & then starts shivering & takes herself back to bed & falls asleep again for two hours

So I’m just here to peel her an orange now & again really. She’d probably be alright on her own tbh




Very jealous. Really fancy a dosa now.


Yeah, Ibuprofen never seems to have been as popular as Calpol in this house for some reason.


That’s supposed to say ‘up-the-bum ibuprofen’

Clearly not popular


Love the one in Leeds. Okra fries and the corn kernels are some top quality snacking


I thought maybe it was some mangle of orange flavour!