Monday Thread / Jumper Audit

was thinking i should fortify my office jumper stocks as they’re looking slightly bare. BUT i have just realised I’m in the golden office jumper window right now, where its cold enough to warrant a jumper yet folk haven’t started cranking the heating just yet. reckon i only have a couple of weeks (if not days) to enjoy this

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Navy blue merino wool Fred Perry crew neck


No jumper.

Had a smashing weekend and very much CBA with Monday.

We’re getting branded polo shirts for work next week. Not sure how that’s gonna work once jumper season begins in earnest.

Put the jumper over the top of it probably.

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Only one filling. Time to be extremely smug to my gf who’s so much better with dental hygiene than me and just had dental surgery.

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I’m more of a hoody than a jumper man. I’m WFH today and the house is quite warm though, so no extra layer as yet.

Still in bed but have a jumper planned in my near future


morning all :wave:

if I had got dressed yet, I would almost certainly be wearing a jumper - Uniqlo v neck jumper almost certainly - but I’ve only just got up as I’m off work for two weeks. will keep you updated though.

still need to plan what we’re doing while I’m off, want to go away somewhere but dunno where. so far all I’ve done is hurt my back so er good start?

No jumper :frowning:

Think it is pretty warm here, plus may still have slight fever. Just want to be cosy and woollen, I’m not happy with the being naturally warm thing.

Had a rubbish sleep and can’t just nap all morning because got to go docs in an hour. Bleurgh.

She is NOT enjoying being called “MC Shit Teeth”.


Morning. No jumper here: you can’t be an estate agent wearing a jumper.

have never got on with the v neck tbh


I do not own any jumpers so no jumper here.

GF is very excited about getting a kitten this week. I am less excited as we already have one and she needs enough looking after.

Morning all.

Jumper status: ON. Feels good.

I had an absolute bastard of a cold all weekend which has nicely cleared up just in time to be back at work. Great stuff, cheers for that immune system.

That’s all I’ve got. Hope you’re all well.

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Looking after this kitten for 2 weeks

Sadly she woke me up 3 times last night biting my fingers and toes to play


Is she making The Fonz noise here?


No jumps. Chilly tho. Going to Harlow. Pray 4 me.

No jumper. T-shirt and window open.

NB I have no beef with jumpers in general.

No jumper here. Just been out with the dogs in a t-shirt.

Got a blood test this morning - apparently to make sure that I do not have tuberculosis - before starting hospital treatment this week.

I’ve then got a meeting at a nursing home this afternoon. Best hope that I haven’t got TB…