Monday Thread of Doom

Sup guys? Owt going on today?

Going to a job which i’m dreading and i’m probably going to be late as well. Gonna need second breakfast tbh.

Morning e4.

Heading down to our London office for a few days. Always nice to see the team, but can’t be arsed with the travel.

Good weekend where I checked out two new climbing spots and managed to fit in a surprising amount of video gaming time :ok_hand:

Thread of doom feels appropriate. Not really enjoying be old job at the moment and dreading the next eight hours.


Pint, etc?

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Hurricane coming our way. Sceptical as to how hard it’ll hit Ireland but we are getting a lot of warnings about it.

Going to get the bus to Dublin to see the Breeders soon. Hopefully the gig won’t get cancelled. If it does it’ll be three of my ATDs and mr drinking bags of cans in an apartment while listening to records and that’s an acceptable substitute.

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Im dreading work as i know its going to be a hellish week.

I do sit next to a Chelsea fan who has been giving me stick for weeks. Might enjoy that.

May be seeing an old friend, but I may be free either of the next two evenings…

Hiya eric :wave: *MASSIVE YAWN*

I just had a gander outside, I’m getting proper calm before the storm vibes. It is ominously still out there. I wish I lived in an attic to make the most of the inevitable rain and wind.

Ive got so much to do over the next couple of weeks. My aim is to remain calm… very, very calm :grimacing: *internal screaming*

im going to make some coffee, fancy some coffee? Course ya do.


Where bounce u workin hun

I’ve turned into a massive coffee fiend again :disappointed: need to cut down


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Wow, unexpectedly harsh :fire:


I was not aware this was something you were concerned with!! :confused: I won’t tempt you in the future.

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Hoping my office will be closed later but not sure how to find out. Don’t fancy heading into town in 60mph winds.

At my parents’ currently and my mum’s got me up early to get the bus up from Derry before it gets bad. Should have stuck around so I could pull the ‘stranded in another county’ routine if work opens

Actually have Bus Eireann not cancelled all their services?

Im just jk but i should probably cut down… maybe next week.

Cancelled everything until two o’clock, there’ll be updates on their site before that. I’m getting the Aircoach up and they’ve said nothing yet so I’m presuming I can still get to Dublin.

Phew. I was worried you had morphed into a completely different person.

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99% chance i’ll have a burrito for lunch