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My daughter watched The Sound of Music on Friday so the whole weekend has periodically involved singing Do a Deer (or however it’s spelt/named) with her. A woman outside the swimming pool even moaned she’d have it stuck in her head after we were singing it in the carpark.

Just spent $21 on a crocodile miniature for the DnD game. hope it arrives in time etc. I always have the fear with Ebay.

This morning my daughter played about 30 minutes straight of Mini C64 games: Galaxians, California Games (surfing only) and Impossible Mission. Unexpected but it means the little device has sort of had the effect I wanted: she’s beginning to understand computer games properly. We don’t have any consoles and some of the learning games she’s seen in apps haven’t really connected with her in the past.

At least one of you is normally up by now. Frickin’ lonely goatherd here…



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about to go on a short bike ride. not sure it’s a good idea but the weather looks :100: and I need to catch up with my pbp buddy

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When I have kids they will be raised with emulators so that they only get to play video games in the appropriate order to appreciate them


I do not know what a pbp buddy is.
Why would it not be a good idea though. Are you injured? You normally smash through the kms daily!!!

Morning Theo! :wave: Happy Bank Holiday all :partying_face:

Got a friend coming into Bristol for the afternoon so that’s quite exciting. Before then should probably do all the life admin I didn’t do over the weekend. So tidying, cooking, maybe even some shopping. Such joy :roll_eyes:


No BH for me out here. Here in Victoria we get holidays coming up for sport. Fucking SPORT. Everyone gets a Friday off for the AFL final. It doesn’t actually happen on Friday though, it’s just for some kind of rally about it, it’s actually on the Saturday.

And then there’s a big old horse race so we get another holiday for that too. Wooo for animal cruelty. :grimacing: This country…

Hah hah. It’s more that he cousin asked her to try out Minecraft one time recently and she just had absolutely no idea what the controller even meant and I felt really bad that our lack of interest in consoles was leaving her isolated from future time at houses of mates. Both me and the wife had C64s in our youth and it was on special offer so I snapped it up.

(Also, slightly more convoluted, my stepdad absolutely loved one game on our C64 and I have used this to test I can get it to run so I can hopefully buy him one for Christmas when we’re over there and he can play Duck Shoot once more.)

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Haha smart thinking :smiley:

No Sweetiebelle, no Call of Duty for you until you’ve played through these Mario games! :angry:

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I really enjoyed the first Call of Duty on PC. Loved how different each theatre was. Just started reading The Unwomanly Face of War (bleak and fascinating) and realised they missed a trick there by not having your Russian character be a woman.

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Sorry mush, been working since 5.30

For your FYI, Niki has just ridden Paris-Brest-Paris in under 90hrs and that’s a long way.



(I have never considered before where Breast even is in the geography of France.)

As far west as you can get

Oh Theo, you brilliant robot :slight_smile:


Probably marckee will pop up and tell us Edinburgh is further west or something.


Morning all :wave:

Still buzzing after the cricket yesterday. Off to the beach today! Need to crack on and beat the traffic :oncoming_automobile: :oncoming_automobile: :oncoming_automobile:

“Do a Deer” has done me



I have no plans. Everywhere is going to be busy, isn’t it? Should probably just hide out indoors again being anxious.

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