Monday thread with a boring title

Managed to cancel R’s dad, but now he is on a massive diatribe because I said stupidly how I don’t want him in the house even under normal circumstances and even without knowing that I am having a massive crisis he is spouting off about access and social workers and I just wish it would stop.

I’ve decided to try working properly for the full day today. So, you know, essentially what I ought to be doing in the first place.

Reckon I’ll start reconsidering this around 10.30.

Will still be on DiS, obviously. Just whilst at my computer around doing worky stuff.

Never have I ever

Morning all.

Overcast again, but at least it’s still. Having initially embraced the break from the heat, I’d quite like the sunshine back now, as I’d gotten used to having the window open.

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Just sent an email to the team which is what I believe would be described as “proactive”.

Now resisting the urge to decide I’m done for the morning.


Happy Birdofprey!

HB YNOT :partying_face:

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HappyBirthday !!!:parrot::swan::mouse2::hedgehog::volcano:

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Sunday is my favourite day of the week right now, had a great run of Sundays

Not so much today. Really need to buckle down and get some boring stuff done but it’s quite boring

I’ve had over 20 work-related emails this morning and it’s not even 9.30am. FO,E

Suppp. Day offffff. Got my motorbike delivered yesterday. Came with some next silly bolts/lock over the battery connecter. Think they forgot to remove it, or were supposed to take it off at delivery? Need to find an appropriate tool to get it off, connect the battery then take it for a spin.

Need to do bare reading today as well. Might swerve it and make some rice crispies cakes instead.


You know when you tell someone repeatedly that it’s not possible to do something but they just keep saying ‘ok I understand, but do it anyway’. That.

is it about bird detectives

happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

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Been looking at eaziglides (@anon19035908).

As been having sticking issues when making pancakes.

But also been looking at those double-siders.

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If only.

Think you should be putting up a picture of your new motorbike

I feel like you might be the only DISer with a motorbike, anyone else got one? A scooter maybe?

HP BD Tony!

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Horse farm for the summer sounds amazing. Such wonderful animals…I used to ride horses back in Wales but we didn’t use a saddle or bit or anything. I hope you have a wonderful time.

I’ve woken up, same shit different day. Trying to have some sort of routine. Everything seems a bit pointless at the moment & I just want to get back to work and get my business going before I give up on it.

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