Monday thread


Morning all

I’ll get the Monday thread started and hope that nobody else has done one by the time I’m done. So:

How are you on a scale of 1-10?
What was the best thing to happen between 5pm Friday and the start of today?
Any other business?


hi ccb

not bad, 7/10
going on the women’s march with the wife, even though it was freezing
gotta go on a shoot later today with some geezer off geordie shore for my work this week, so that’ll be… err


How are you on a scale of 1-10? 7.3
What was the best thing to happen between 5pm Friday and the start of today? ran my fastest ever half marathon
**Any other business?**got to buy accessories at lunch. Got a burgundy/maroon suit for a wedding next weekend and need to buy the trimmings. not sure of colours. Might go a mustard yellow tie and work from there idk


#Here are your One-Word DiS Horrorscopes for today!

Aquarius: Deposit
Pisces: Collection
Aries: Drawing
Taurus: Shot
Gemini: Responsibility
Cancer: Bargain
Leo: Surprise
Virgo: Arsenal
Libra: Reverse
Scorpio: Bristol
Sagittarius: Panda
Capricorn: Dessert


Oooh! Well, you’ve been off-the-mark so far but maybe there’s a surprise in store for me!



I’m a cautious 7, as I haven’t checked my work emails yet.

The best thing to happen to me this weekend was my phone getting the Android 7.0 update. It’s fair to say it was a pretty quiet weekend.

No other business.


Had a good brazillian meal in liverpool.


fuck off/10

so fucking badly not in the mood today, that’ll teach me for drinking stupid amounts of wine all day yesterday. think i’ll go to the van and get a roll and something.


I got home last night from a full week of festival fun, so between 5pm Friday and the start of today quite a lot off good/fun things happened.

However, I now have a cold from all the festival fun, and also we’re burying my nan today so not the best day tbh.


Morning all. My mother-in-law died in the early hours of Friday morning. Thank you to everyone that encouraged me to talk about it on here, it really helped over the past year and a half.


Aw, sorry to hear… thinking of you and your family.


State of ewan mcgregor’s hat


Bit m’lady, isn’t it.


all on seinfeld on prime in HD, yeahhh :sunglasses:


5/10 (would have been better, but I was about to buy a bicycle and it has gone out of stock and I have been on a wild goose chase on the phone trying to track one down, I may be in luck but I’m waiting for a phone call back)

saw the old Hotelier lads on Saturday, was :100:

mr pn starts a new job today so please send him good thoughts if you like as he was feeling very nervous


good luck @plasticmike

Hotelier were really good in Leeds as per but they seemed a bit knackered and I was also stuck behind a pair of fucking gigtalkers.


oh man

best wishes to you and your family jezzas :heart:


I haven’t had a good bed to sleep in for days. About to spend the day watching asylum appeals :expressionless:



How are you on a scale of 1-10? I am ok. I got up at 6am this morning and did my 1000 calorie class at 6:45. It’s safe to say I am tired.
What was the best thing to happen between 5pm Friday and the start of today? I met up with my lovely friend Dina and we had a nice meal at Mildred’s and caught up :slight_smile:
Any other business? An alarming amount of people being ill at work like martyrs. I am feeling slightly tickly throaty but may milk a few WFH days this week.


they were tip top in Glasgow