Monday thread

Good morning all. How are you?

I’m not too bad thanks - I drove back from Devon last night and don’t quite feel ready for work just yet.

As a bonus question for the day: do any of you have recent examples of people brazenly not giving a fuck? This one made me laugh this morning: the CyclePoint at Cambridge Station is set across three storeys and has enough parking space for nearly 3,000 bikes. This person clearly doesn’t give a fuck for convention, and has just put the bike on its stand, locked the wheel to the frame and left it in the middle of the walkway :smiley:


We’ve already got the rubbish thread!!

Nothing to report, I just couldn’t let that solid gold gag opportunity get away.

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Oh hey there!
Good weekend. Would weekend again.
Saw one of my ATDs on Saturday for coffee, an exhibition, and a beer in the sunshine.
Sunday I climbed, watched football, and attended the TV’s driving lesson in the back of the car. She’s much better than she gives herself credit for (which was not surprising).

Good but knackering weekend. Football tonight and maybe making a risotto with some left over roast chicken

Fifteen hour kip. Day off. Strong black coffee and a microwavable pizzer for breakfast. I think you’d have to say that’s a solid 3-0 to the big lad.


Morning CCB

Really jetlagged and have a shitload of emails to answer because my out-of-office wasn’t working properly. Hope no one bothers me today.

preparing for a childrens party all day + staying up too late to watch the masters + a stinking spring cold = bleugh

Morning all,

Didn’t really get to enjoy much of the sunshine this weekend for one reason or another. But it looked nice outside.

Today, have to review a paper and review our programme benefits (something that is completely intangible…).

Why do computer keyboard makers have to make them so ‘clicky’ when people bash away at them like a caveman on a glockenspiel. Seriously grinding my kidneys this morning, that sound.

I’ve got proper bad PMT that I just had a little cry at my desk watching clips of Sergio winning the Masters.

Weekend was nice. Had ramen and ice cream with my friend on Friday eve, Saturday was gym and then bf and I shared a growler in the garden, yesterday we went to camden for food and then had a silly argument which was urgh.

I have already been to my HIIT class and actually managed to run a fair bit so i’m so chuffed with that. I could barely walk without massive pain a few weeks ago.

My face is comically sunburnt, white patches around my eyes where my sunglasses were. Kill me.


banned act


roastyourfaceonasunday (needs work)

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a what?!

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First result on google:
a person or thing that growls.
a small iceberg.

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in glasgow a growler can be a person of less than appealing looks :slight_smile:

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I call such people small icebergs


First day back in the office after a wonderful holiday in Copenhagen and a visit to Warwick over the weekend to see some very pregnant friends. I don’t understand why my employer can’t continue paying me to sit in Warpigs drinking beer and eating hot links.

Going to give myself 10 minutes today to pour over the photos and videos from Eric Andre’s birthday on Instagram.

Lucky that my icebergs are small and humble

It’s a big ol jug you go get filled up with beer!


Morning DiS!

Just reading the papers and listening to the radio. Waiting to be paid for some work as I have bills to pay and records to but.

We have a houseguest visiting from Germany so we’re going to show her around the city, bring her to some galleries and ting.

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