Monday thread


Morning lopan, pnikers, xylo, etc

Sending my wife and two daughters to Canada today. Got three and a half weeks til I see them again so pretty down about it. Can’t go though - working in Leicester today and in a few weeks in London for four nights. Anyone want to meat and lift my spirits?


Holy shit yes please.

About to leave for work. Feel a bit weird cos I go over London Bridge.

Happy Mondays guys.


Got a day long meeting today. Hopefully it’ll finish early. It’s a change of pace I suppose. Have to trek to Edinburgh though.


Morning sheeldz, PN etc.

Could be up for a London beer as and when.

Been up since 5, already fatigued. Full day of Project Management training today (day 1 of 5 culminating in a 3hr written exam). Really not up for this at all. Don’t want to rely on caffeine as I won’t sleep later - don’t think I have a choice though.

Hoping to finish a letter to a US pen pal and begin one to a DiS pen pal later.

Go well, everyone.


Day off.

Got an eye test soon then no other plans.


Morning sheeldz, PN, shiney et al
Pretty miserable up here today, and I too have to go to edinburgh. I’d much rather just sit on the sofa and watch films all day


Hi everyone.

I got up extra early and did a lot of tasks, wrote a bit, and listened to Steve Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Musick.

A good way to start the day but I’m already knackered now.


Morning all. On a purely personal level, had a lovely weekend. Carried on slow our tour of Great British Menu winners and went to Tommy Banks’ restaurant. Food was incredible - that guy can really cook! He’s on the edge of the Yorkshire moors so went for a walk to see that big chalk horse. Views over the moors were magnificent!


20th to the 24th.

And yes please. One of the nights there is a delegate dinner I think (I’m at Autodesk University, pushes glasses up nose).


Where are you staying?

I’d vote for 20/21/22, as I’m up to Sheffield with the bike dorks on the 23rd.


Morning! Could make a separate thread but idk I’ll just ask here, does anyone know of any good recruitment agencies in london? The main ones (hays, reed etc) have so far been crap. Thanks!!


#G O O D






Good Morning, Bonjour, Buenos Dias, Goedemorgen and etc

Gonna kick the day off with a bacon and egg or black pudding roll.

Today is my Thursday. Nice quiet/boring couple of days ahead and then 12 days off :slight_smile:


i want this


Love the black pudding, but every time I seem to go for one they’ve either run out or don’t have it on :frowning:




Day off with my son.

Might visit the prickwillow drainage museum in a bit

twinned with the longstanton spice museum


Have about three weeks to do something I would normally spend a couple of months on starting today :-1:t4:


Dis doesn’t do emojis properly


Post can’t etc