Monday thread


People who have the day off please try to keep posts about all the nice things you’re doing to a minimum. Want to see posts about how you all feel like shit from going out drinking last night, that sort of thing.

I’m seeing my cat on Friday and I can barely contain my excitement.


Morning DB. Woke up for no good reason at 6am. Got a 4 hour drive home to negotiate, then a house viewing and psyching myself up to squeeze 5 days of work into the 4 I have available. Feeling very allergic to something this morning - eyes are dry and nose is streaming :ok_hand:


I’m so glad I don’t drive sometimes…

I’m taking Friday off so also need to do all my work in 4 days. My ‘work’ that I get paid almost nothing for but still do anyway for some reason.


Yesterday I went into a bookshop to buy some maps for an upcoming holiday going in a 4WD from Broome to Darwin. I wasn’t sure which map to get so I stood in the shop taking photos of the relevant sections in the maps to send to my wife at home to make sure I got the right one. While I was doing this, a shop assistant came up to me and asked if I was gonna buy the map.

I was mortified. I tried to explain what I was doing but bumbled the words out as I was caught unawares making it sound like I was lying even though I wasn’t. The guy just looked at me like I was a criminal and walked off.

I ended up buying a map to prove I wasn’t just stealing map contents even though it wasn’t the one I wanted. Now I’ve gotta go back there next weekend to return it.




Today is my first day in front of a class since June.

Really not feeling it today either.


that sounds nerve-wracking. do you feel prepared?


Went out for 1 and actually stuck to it. Feeling the benefit today.

Gonna stick on the new GoT, get some porridge then dunno.


I am writing something about Gibraltar. imagine living there… I cant think of anything less appealing.


I’m having a wee!


I’ve finished now.


Morning DD and etc. I’ve got today off BUT I’ve got an awful UTI so i’m going to have to go to the walk in centre with isn’t at all fun. What a time I’ve been having this weekend!


I do nothing every day! Let me tell you it ain’t great!

Got up at 6 today, had a nice walk around the park as the mist hung in the air and listened to a podcast and a bit of Thom Yorke.

Will see my brother and my nieces for a spell this evening.


On my way back home from Paris. Gotta do a 45 minute walk and my leg is cramped to fuck. Zut alors


Feel pretty ropey. Was out at a gig last night, got in very late and was drunk. And my stupid body clock doesn’t let me sleep past 6, so had about 4 hours sleep. Ugh.

I have to buy some beer and do the hoovering. Even those simple things are sounding daunting.


Feeling a touch delicate after drinking last night, so gonna go for a walk and have breakfast in Epping Forest, and pick up stuff for a BBQ later seeing as the weather is nice.

Also in the mixing stage for an album I’ve been working on for ages and Ableton keeps crashing when I try to export files. Pretty annoying, so going to try and fix that at some point.

Oh yeah, and GoT.


The courses I teach are often quite similar so I have a standard introductory session I use with most classes. At this time of year there are a lot of fluctuating numbers so today is less about teaching them important stuff and more about making sure they come back next week.

I don’t like being timetabled on the first day back because you end up having to do loads of ice breaker and admin bullshit like campus tours and I often won’t see these students after November.


Hiiii DB etc.

I’m still at my parents and I’m here until Wednesday helping my mum have a clear out of the house.

Right now I’m sat in bed with tea watching practical magic :heart_eyes:

My mum promptly came in and handed me a cup of tea at half past. Amazing. How do I train my bf to do this when I go back?


Might have another wee.


I’m going to the Godstone Fete, which includes a Rescue Dog Show and a Donkey Derby.