Monday thread

Good morning all. How are you? Anything you’re looking forward to this week? What’s the weather like where you are? It’s a lovely, crisp autumn morning here: I might cycle the slightly prettier route to work and take a photo.

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Morning ccb! It’s -1 here, due to snow tomorrow. I can’t find my gloves. The sun is out though!

I’m pretty tired, had a fairly full on weekend and went to bed too late last night, so I need to just take stock a bit and then blast through a load of stuff this week.

Not too much aside from work this week, apart from going to my first Svenska ice hockey game on Thursday. then I’m going to Cyprus next Saturday with work which will be nice, as it’s really warm there.

Morning ccb, jazzb, ssf and dd (typing) :wave:

Serious cba. Can’t wait until nap time, I just want to curl into a ball and not have to deal with anyone/anything.

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First day back after a week off. I wonder how many stream-of-consciousness vomit emails I’ll have from my boss.

Post them all here


I was not productive enough on Friday… My Monday to-do list is loooooong

Off back to sunny England today after a lovely weekend in Holland.

Morning all, bit hungover, forgot why I don’t drink red wine last night.

Gonna reply to the emails that have built up while I’ve been away then spend the day doing chores and errands.

Would be a nice morning for a walk, I think


Hi! It’s such a good crisp sunny morning isn’t it. Almost makes the whole winter thing worthwhile. Had a smashing weekend… Julien Baker gig, my sister’s birthday drinks, and went up to that Manchester to see some pals.

Looking forward to this week: date, DiS drinks, going on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday!

Dreading (but necessary): haircut.

The driver announced twice this morning “no full sized bikes are permitted on this train”. Obviously the person who’s brought their bike on the train ignored him. He then got a bit confused and said “non-folding bikes only on this train”. Poor bloke.


Cold out.

I think some kind of rolling “shit emails you have to contend with” thread would be pretty good. We’d have to work out some kind of TST-style way of stopping our employees from snooping, though.

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Just peeled my clementine / tangerine / satsuma (dunno) all in one piece.

That’s the highlight of the day out the way.


Morning all. Have the morning off as I have a medical for my new job at 11:30.

Before that I’m going to go to the tax office, file some invoices, email a few people and put up a few posters. A busy morning all told.

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I would hope that’s not necessary.

Never heard etc.


Had 2 horrible vivid nightmares about dead gerbils and the second one (where all of them had just died and their corpses were lined up in a row) has really shaken me up… couldn’t pick up anything without dropping it before leaving the house, crying on the drive to work after my dad was really dismissive of it because 3 of them have already died IRL, etc. Spice is fine irl though so I should really just get over it.

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Morning. Day off today as the builders are starting to remove the old kitchen. Lots of banging.

I’m not going to stay home for the duration as its going to take three weeks but thought I’d take the first two days off. Regretting it already, might go to work.