Monday thread

Good morning all

How are you all? I am feeling incredibly dozy this morning. To the extent that it’s taken me so long to draft this OP that I’d expect someone else has started a Monday thread already. Let’s see

Hello fellow mondayers,
Feeling pretty good today!
I think we’re all going to have a good week :grinning:
I also fell asleep in a tube station the other night


Working from home again today, but no sausage dog to keep me company (although the hamster is awake and currently chewing his bars, which is a lovely sound)

Getting a train back to London this evening. Gonna run through the last three episodes of Man in the High Castle I think. Gets in to Kings X at like 10:30pm, so RIP me tomorrow morning.

Any suggestions for cool records to listen to today received with appreciation.

Hiya. Off to the dentist to get a filling this morning :-1: then I’m taking the rest of the day off after working 30 hours in two days last week :+1:

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WFH. Got almost two full weeks of business travel coming up starting tomorrow which is giving me a vague sense of dread even though it will ultimately be quite fun.

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I’ve done nothing near that but I have been working well over my hours these last few weeks. Looking forward to some sweet, sweet flexi time off :sunglasses:


Morning all! Accidentally sat in front of the most annoying people on the bus who wouldn’t shut up loudly talking about Marvel films. Came very close to telling them to shut up.

Boring day of work ahead, then I have to look for my birth certificate when I get home. It’s in my room somewhere…

good morning dis

trying to decide if i want to go into the office or wfh today. might pop in this afternoon and pretend like that counts as a days work. hmm.


morning team, got a busy day ahead, hope you all have a successful Monday, catch you later.


Hullo. No work today, not sure what to do with myself. Bbc news has a segment about dad dancing coming up so there’s that i guess.



Fucking numpties!

Cyber Monday

Even more spam than black Friday



I’ve picked up a wizard hat and a cloak for 40% off from GAP :+1:

(I think that’s all the Cyber Monday jokes covered now)



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@japes @colon_closed_bracket @TheWza




I caught a cold. Having a sick day. Going to spend most of the day on the sofa

Don’t feel much like working today. Gonna be a day of doing the absolute bare minimum I can get away with.