Monday Thread

It’s pretty bright and nice here today. Not too hot (that’s later in the week apparently) and I am listening to @ericVI’s new album at a decent volume here at home.

Melburnian flies are the FUCKING WORST. They don’t just fly around like normal flies, they like to just land on you all the fucking time. I need to get a fly swat as trying to use a tea towel just isn’t really doing it.

I did a DnD session with a huge meetup group on Friday. It was pretty good but with about 6 games in the same room it was WELL LOUD and made it hard to really hear anyone too well. @Epimer is that how it is when you do your big penoid card game gatherings? Anyway, next one is in two weeks which is cool except that’s actually 26th January which is the Australian national celebrate The British being Colonialists, Murders and Thieves day so I’m not sure what’ll be happening as everyone has the day off. We’ll see.

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Maybe they will combine it with being a dickhead by someone’s pool, as is the tradition on that sacred day.

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Yeah the big events are pretty, pretty loud. You’ll have about three tournaments going on simultaneously in an NEC exhibition hall or something and it’s a bit much. I disappear outside between rounds to escape from it.

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Oh, Monday. Got a pretty bad case of the eponymouses last night so I’m debating if I should work from home or not.

If I’ve not shat out my spleen by this afternoon, I’ll go play Netrunner in the pub tonight.

Morning! Need to get out of bed to get ready to leave for the airport in approx 90min. But it’s cold outside my bed. Tough call

Bandcamp gave me a heads up on this yday. Gonna whack that on once I can play music at a fun volume.

Working from home to receive a delivery - same as every day.


Christ the weather is terrible here. Might get the train in.

Very very bad case of the cbas today. Very bad.


Morning all!

I played an over 35s football game last night. My legs are currently sore after the first exercise I’ve done since mid-December.

I’m actually going to work today. It feels like a bit of a novelty.

Morning everyone :wave: wfh because of myhermes package. Fully expecting another address query and no package :rabbit: (was on my way to choosing rage but I can’t say no to that rabbit)

Would appreciate random photos and things that mostly bring joy. Any large vegetables or animals especially welcome. Anything that will distract from Monday.

Pumpkins. Giant pumpkins. Festivals dedicated to giant pumpkins.


I like the ones that look like they’ve been dropped from a great height.


:blush: I can’t wait till I have my own garden.



This is my friend’s dog. It’s bigger than her.


Morning all. Not a huge amount to report. Trying to match album choice with the weather so I’m currently listening to The Great Destroyer by Low.

My first cup of tea will be on The Samaritans. Great bunch of GBOLs.


It’s pouring with rain and the wind is howling, which made for a pleasant dog walk. Had to peel my jeans off when I got home. Start my new job today. Knackered.

Aaaaah!!! Amazing. Also loving your friends jumper. It looks like a bedroom from the 90s :smiley: this sounds like a bad thing but I assure you it’s a good thing.

A friend last night was telling me about her mum’s new neighbours cat it’s a ginger Maine coon and LOVES lurking in the darkness outside her window. It’s unsettling.

Well she’s an ex colleague who must be nearing 50 so I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is out of the 90s. Hope your parcel comes quickly :crossed_fingers:

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Thank yoou :heart:

morning all

still have a cold, really bored of coughing constantly so my cold has added sneezing to the mix to liven things up. Still going to work though because I already have too much to do without losing a day and I cba with the hassle I’ll get for having the nerve to have a day off/because I’m an idiot. weather is shite too, so good morning all round so far.

On the train to that other city. Forgot to put my glasses on. :smile: As close to a squinting one as I could find.

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This how I read it at first.


Oh man, the DJ on the radio is playing a Chuck Berry set. Incredible stuff.

The weather :frowning:

Also the bowl I’m eating my cereal out of must have been used to serve fish previously. It’s a bit fishy