Monday thread

having a lie on eh? lazy so and so’s

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mornin 2moo howRu

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Can’t believe that everyone isn’t up at this reasonable hour.

It’s too early guys



'kin 'ell it’s nearly 6am

I haven’t gone to bed yet. I’m staying up late drinking and listening to techno. Currently checking out μ-Ziq.



Back pain has gone down a lot, now just a twitch. Maybe god forgives me for calling his son a zombie?

Off to work and it’s probably going to be super quiet.


Morning @cowcow et al. Had some homemade marmalade my Mam made for breakfast, it was :100: Not sure what to do today, weather looks awful.

Fucks wrong with you people


It’s snowing.

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Nothing like a delicious bottle of coal to get you going in the morning :yum:

Good morning :wave:

Miserable day outside. Not sure what to do as the park isn’t an option and the library is closed. Might get the ol’ washable paints out again.

Morning. Supposed to be spending today and tomorrow in the Welsh borders. Appears it will be pissing down non stop the entire time. Yay.

Non stadium non foam hand

Time for bed mate

Toddler is getting into the BH spirit by refusing to get out of his cot. Got a dummy in the mouth and one in each hand and listening to the Iggle Piggle song on repeat. That’s the life eh?


Just 13 more fun filled hours of travel to go!

Might aswell drink it voluntarily now rather than endure the inevitable disappointment of unwrapping it at Christmas again