Monday thread

Off on holiday, aren’t I? Just seen someone’s bag get searched at security. Among the items removed were a bramley apple pie (big yellow reduced sticker on it) and a nandos bag full of ketchup sachets (which then got run through in a clear plastic bag). Lovely stuff.


I am not off on holiday and need to do the washing up.

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I am not off on holiday either @unlucky. Got a weird period of time here at work now, waiting for this bloody baby to arrive.

When I got in this morning I had just got to the cafe counter in the shop at the bottom of my building when they suffered a power failure and couldn’t even use the tills for cold food so I had to wait another 45 mins for my coffee and croissant. :cry:

Would have needed to put their pie slice in checked baggage.


Also not off on holiday. And the cats gone fucking nuts about something she’s seen and won’t shut up. Might as well get up and put the washing on. Definitely not off on holiday.

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Hung over as fuck after smashing the DIPAs at the LUH gig

Mad that ellery was playing letterman a few years ago and last night there was 21 people at the gig

Where are you going on holiday? You’re a bit of a stealth international jet setter, aren’t you?

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What do you want from me you starey meowy little creep?!?


Work. Netrunner practice. Sleep.

Not on holiday.
Didn’t sleep
Deadpool 2

Family sized!

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Yep, BA bronze!!! Off to do grand canyon and some Utah national parks. Can’t wait!


Morning all! Had a blast of a weekend, tempered by my wife, then both kids, being ill and getting sicker over the weekend. I, so far, have been avoiding it.

I havfe a few nights in Leicester this week. Can’t really be bothered with it, in truth, but needs must. I might try to cut it down to try and help my wife not feeling terrible while I am away.

We have a trip to Glasgow this coming weekend, which should be ace - got LCD Soundsystem as well. And we might tag on the back end a short wee mini break, AirBNB it up north in Scotland somewhere, Perthshire/Argyll maybe. Could be lovely.

Proper tempted by those LCD shows especially as they’ve added Young Fathers. Gonna wait and see what the weather is looking like [typical English person response].

Jesus, I’ve only just realised it’s outside. Hahaha. Fuck.


Not working til bit later, got my new mega sailor trousers on.
No holidays this week but coming to London next, anyone about on the Wednesday afternoon or evening for meats?

:scream: I think one of my better plants has root rot. AAARRRGGHHHHHH having plants is like having pets I feel devastated when one gets sick/dies. So gutted :frowning:

Oooh, sounds great. Please do a review when you get back as I’m planning to go to Bryce and Zion myself. Have a great time.

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I’ve killed so many house plants by now it just feels inevitable they’re going to bite the dust sooner or later :frowning:

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