🏦 🌴 Monday thread


(Apologies to those for who today isn’t a bank hol)

What you got going on today? It’s a bit hot, innit? We’ve got some wallpaper to strip still, but will probably bike ride at some point as well. Quite, quite dull.

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Morning! Going to a car boot sale as that seems like a good bank holiday thing to do. Then gonna go for a picnic here:




“Let’s go for a picnic in a nice green field”
“Nah, how about on that big mound of dirt?”

Off to the hospital. Got no milk :hushed:

The baby won’t drink semi-skimmed yet


Damn. Do alpacas produce milk?

she stayed in overnight with Thumper (we have no name yet and she has massive feet) and I went home, mainly so when she comes home, she can rest and I can take over


Think the fields are owned by rich people. People like us have to sit on the dirt mound.


Hangover. Please keep it down.

Why don’t we crowd source the name? (And by that I mean do a poll.)

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I’m tired and exhausted but it’s far too warm to lay in. I won’t be doing much today apart from pottering around in the garden.

Mrs and son still in bed. I got up to make coffee/milk and was told there was no room when I brought them their drinks. Just pottering about now. After a very late and boozy Saturday night, I went to bed last night at 8:30 and am now full of beans.

Stick with Thumper I say :wink:

Hungover and ears ringing after Dearhunter last night.

Disappointing show TBH - last show in Brighton was a disaster as the sound in the church venue was so terrible, I left early it was so bad. This time they were in Concorde 2 - so I had high hopes. But the show was all volume, no snakey groove, no variety. They sound like a different band on record to me. I won’t be buying tickets to see them a 3rd time

Still in bed. Jessica is keeping me company

Music stuff this morning, kids are with me this pm. Hopefully a bike ride.

Bathroom renovation starts tomorrow, dreading the disruption but looking forward to having a bathroom that’s not so gross I’m ashamed of it.


Nice duvet cover!

Still in bed also, got birthday BBQ for mrS’s Dad today. Hoping it suns up a bit.
Kids managed bit if a lie in so that was good.

Said we’d also go for a bike ride later, probably to the pub.



If you like, but I’ll have to obey standard protocol and ignore the poll


Morning team! Just about to leave for my first day at work, on a bank holiday (I haven’t ever had a bank holiday for any of my working life so it doesn’t bother me really)!


YESSSS! Exactly the kind of Deerhunter show I love!

I’m sitting in my hostel in Barcelona, waiting for my phone to charge before I go and visit various museums today. Might go for a bit of a paddle in the sea. Looks like it’s going to be around 24°C here today. Perfection.


Last time I saw DH (Concorde 2), Bradford was ill and clearly didn’t want to be there. Put me off seeing them again

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