🏦 🌴 Monday thread

3 days on the beer hasn’t treated treated me well, feeling like an utter lump today. Working now which should be piss unless something disastrous has happened

Ditch the museums and just sit by the sea

What have you got against dirty groove K-man?

Beach morning, I reckon. We’ll stick it out until the suns too hot for a toddler, but this morning will definitely be my first uk sea swim of the year. I was in up to my knees yesterday and it wasn’t too bad. Thank goodness the water was flat otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this on my phone now.

Not sure how I’m going to cope with this awful walk everyday…


I’d get bored! I like learning! This is around the corner from my hostel and I’m looking forward to seeing. My GF has been showing me his work as he was a huge influence on her degree show.

I like when Deerhunter go into full on sonic attack mode, haven’t seen it in a few years now. Happy for them to lay off the groove for a while.

Your child could end up being called “Tory option”. Sounds quite nice.


I also recommend the beach and sea (all museums are shut on Mondays)

wish I lived alone sometimes

don’t want to speak to anyone ever again


Ah SHITE. Never noticed that in all the times I’ve been here. Beach it is!

I have to fire off emails going forward like a CORP DRON

Go get some juice from the market :+1:

week off, could a mod ban me until next monday so I don’t spend all my week on here, cheers

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No chance mate. It’s 1000 (one thousand) years or nothing as I learned to my cost.

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Ezra Furman was brilliant last night. So there.

I drank too much overpriced beer.


Thumper-T would be a pretty good child’s rap name.


She’s considering Lapin, I laughed :grimacing:


Gonna go the park and read my big book.

Kaninchen sounds pretty bad ass.

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