Monday thread

Back to the grind then.

WFH today, and all I’ve got is a half hour call at 9, then another at 11, so a fairly easy day for me. Must remember to pause my music before I dial into them.

good morning rob

Getting a train to Penzance later. NERVES ARE HIGH.


Do not want.


after the beep say your name followed by the pound or hash key


Morning @cowcow

Just realised I’ve started the daily thread two days in a row. Stop being so needy @rob.orch!

Morning all, back to work, nobody has updated the git repo in 11 days, and there was so much work to do. Want to do a little cry tbqh. Needed those results for a talk on Friday :frowning:


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Trains are fucked so we came home to WFH for a little before it sorts itself out.

My body is FUCKED from one boxing class. I can barely move. I thought I was fit!


Waiting for the builders to turn up so I can go to work. My bosses boss is over from America. CBA mates

Rough weekend. Brother’s stag do in Cardiff, got wasted as per, then had to get a four hour coach back yesterday. Jesus Christ. Got home to find my wife on the brink of a breakdown, toddler has Hand Foot & Mouth again, and the flat was a state. Work is going to be awful.


Also wfh as cba.

Done the usual pre-9am flurry of activity, will now waste time until just before lunch when I’ll send out a few more emails. Standard.


Got my first flat viewing in a bit… kinda nervous about it for some reason.

Kept getting woken up by flies dive-bombing me all night. Bloody jokers. Today I’m going to buy some sort of heavy-duty fly destroyer. Exhausted. Seems I’m not the only one. Hope you all have quiet days.

LEJOG on m9!


Morning! 4 day week! World Cup!

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So it’s finally here, England are ready to stink up this already very good WORLD CUP comp. Heading to Camberwell after work to watch the game with some pals on a big screen in a beer garden. It’s gonna be full of absolute weapons isn’t it (at the very least 1 weapon as I’ll be there).

Oh fuck, is there an England game on tonight? I don’t want to share the Netrunner pub with a bunch of football nerds.

half the city centre is still blocked off from the art school fire which mildly inconvenienced my walk to work. I’m the real victim here.

could have done with some more bedtime this am (standard)

Morning! Daughter was sick in the night so staying at home with her today. Might do some WFHing, but probably going to spend most of the day watching Studio Ghibli films and playing Mario.

Moving misery continues. Got a charity coming round to collect my furniture later and I think they’re taking the beds. Are they going to expect me to have dismantled them first? They are, aren’t they :slightly_frowning_face: