Monday Thread


Hey everyone.

My daughter brought this book back from school. I’m a big fan

and so it escalates: the frog is eaten by a snake and the snake is eaten by a bird and then the bird finds another bird and they get together.


Snake is eaten by a bird? That’s a badass bird!


That frog looks insane.

I just woke up an hour before my alarm, bit annoying.


This is Australia, Laefs. A magpie put one of @plasticniki’s cycling buds in the hospital.


It’s too hot


I don’t want to get out of bed because I don’t particularly enjoy my job and also it’s hot. Ughhhhh


Kookaburra’s are hard bastards

(Also apparently giant kingfishers, basically.)


This book is perfect! Your daughter has chosen well.


Ah she is given these, she doesn’t choose them unfortunately. I have no idea if she would choose it. Hmm…


WFH then it’s off to London this evening until Thursday.


Morning all! Back to work after four days off. Massive, massive cba going on right now.


I’m going to the National Library for research today. Last tile I was there they told me, «it’s really cold in here so we’ve got some blankets if you need it». It’s 30 degrees outside pals, aircon is amazing


Did you reply to @plasticniki because you personally blame her for the transgressions of all librarians?


YES. Or because she was the first person to bring up the weather. You decide.


Really wish I didn’t have to go to work so I could play with the tv and his mum, and his dad arrived today. They’re taking a boat out this evening and I’m gonna be stuck on a call :frowning:


Time to start the groundwork for a sicky.


Today: Finish off packing the flat away into boxes and holdalls.

Later: Pick up a hire van and start loading shit into the back of it.

Not even any World Cup as a reward for a day of hard work :cry:


Off to Edinburgh for four days instead of working nights - YESSSSSSSSSS!!


Pretty sure another car crash day is about to happen. Something in the atmosphere here.


Morning everyone.

Just had a shower in my own home! Had 2 yesterday, my new walk in wet room shower thing is fricking awesome and about 1000% better than a shitty bath

Wedding thing at the weekend was fun, although the wedding dancing/ music situation was fairly shit ("DJ"s playing drum and bass and electro swing at a family wedding FFS)

Hopefully builders will finish the final bits of building today. WFH, can’t by CBA of course