Monday Thread

WFH today.

Found out last night that I’m going to be an Auntie! :grin:



Get well soon?

Or are you just saying you’re very hot?

Morning all!

We had no running water yesterday which was pretty unpleasant in this weather. It did make showering this morning incredible though. Probably gonna be all downhill from here for the rest of the day.


The worst genre of music ever conceived


Which made its deployment at a wedding where the young and elderly were present even more horrifying

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It’s probably even worse than reggae

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Morning. Visited friends 3 hours away for the weekend and I left my keys at theirs, feel like a proper idiot but at least now I have an excuse not to leave the house until I get them back.

Working from wfh.

I ducked out of my stupid meeting oop north last week and went home early due to “feeling unwell”. My big boss has now told me that I looked really ill and they were all very worried about me managing the four hour drive home.

So now I know that “desperately trying to not shit myself through an imodium dose after accidentally eating cheese” is the look that gets me great sympathy from the boss.


Morning all!

Mother in law and nephew are visiting today. I’d quite like to be playing HZD. I will be eating some kind of chicken bonanza this afternoon though.

Good Morning!

It’s transpired over the last week that the slightest problem on the M23 where they’ve put roadworks in causes me a half hour delay to my journey to work. Good job the roadworks aren’t there until Spring 2020… oh.

Never mind - it’s another beautiful day, and I’m not even too jaded by being back at work on a Monday.

This time in 24hrs I will have landed in Croatia! Just got to do a mad dash to get everything packed and printed.


After having had a weekend hanging out with friends, it’s both kind of nice but also kind of sad-and-lonely-feeling that I’m going to be on my own all day.

On the unambiguously plus side, I quite like that my press summarising part-time job has so far today involved typing the somewhat weird sentence “Professor John Gunn expressed reservations about Elon Musk’s plan to rescue the Thai boys trapped in a cave” twice


I’ve had two hour’s sleep in 4 x 30 minute stretches, in my son’s bed, while he coughed his guts up all night with croup. Poor wee poppet. As ‘luck’ would have it, we had a GP appointment booked today for him to have a check up following his last bad attack in June, so that at least is good timing. He just needs some steroids, and he’ll be reet by the neet.

I am fucking shattered, but also buzzing because my green protein smoothie is full of yerba mate and other baddies.

Had a bit of a fake tanning incident last night too which is unfortunate as I’m going to an event tomorrow evening (the michelle Obama dinner in edinburgh) and my dress won’t forgive this mistake. Might have to sit with cut lemons on my knees later. And knuckles.


Morning all,

I woke up at 3am with crushing chest pains which, it became evident, were a combination of asthma attack and heartburn. It took a couple of hours for it to settle down. I dozed off just in time for the alarm to go off. I feel fucking awful.

Still, I’ve got a quiet day and it’s sunny. I might just sit in the garden drinking endless cups of coffee.

Oooft, that sounds rough. Hope that your son’s alright.

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Still in Edinburgh. It was swampy hot over the weekend (I left London to get away from that ffs) but when I went out for a run this morning it was drizzling and it was GREAT. So fresh out. But also: the topography here, ouch.

Working from home again today. My partner does a regular pub quiz tonight so I’m tagging along, the pub is also having a cider festival :+1:


Oof. Hope he’s better soon.

I find it amazing that the human body finds these reserves of energy from somewhere to enable you to look after little ones (although that said I did sleep through Jimbo waking in the night on Saturday)

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He’ll be fine, thanks. The state of my knees though…:joy::rofl:


Morning champs. Think last night was the first time the heat has really hit me. Don’t think I nodded off til about 4am :grimacing: So sleepy now and my boss and our CEO are both back from annual leave today :disappointed:

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: