Monday thread

Woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Get to start the Monday thread though :raised_hands:

Had a lovely weekend. Definitely cba with work, although some of us are going on a walking tour of new development around Westminster/Victoria this afternoon, so that’ll be fun. Presuming it stays dry. Which it may not.

The cat is still hiding


That said, I visited the local vet to find out if they had Feliway ($75 dollars for a 50 ml spray? No thank you) and the woman there just said to close the bathroom door on her and leave her to it.

They also had this very very cool little brown/black shorthaired cat sleeping in a hammock in the sunny window at my face level so it got some good pats.


Having the obligatory pre-flight beer before we go to Costa Rica in about an hour and a half. Would post the standard picture of a beer glass with planes in the background, but couldn’t get a seat near a window.


At work :pensive:

Alright, me.

Actually slept through to my alarm today, which is a relief. No great plans.

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Really had to re-read this is it sounded like you’d walked in on the woman in the bathroom.

I’m still tired.


I’m on the rail replacement bus woah
Fuck the rail replacement bus woah
Gonna moan about this journey at work all day yeah
Make them realise working from home is the only way woah yeah

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Can we have a pic now?

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On the way to the airport, haven’t slept :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Oh I’ve got proper work dreads today after a lovely weekend.

Oh shit. Yeah it does and it’s completely done me :smiley:


gotta be brave and go to the doctors today


Someone appears to have usurped my 745 work shower slot. Grr.

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In the GUM clinic for 3 month PrEP check up, the one in Soho I go to always plays pounding dance music even at 8am on a Monday and I could really do without it.


Thought I’d take R out somewhere nice this morning, do something good after a shit weekend.

Totally forgot I have to go to my anxiety management group thing today, so that idea is off the table and R is upset that I am not taking him out :frowning: thankfully I kept it vague and only said we were going on a train rather than saying where we would have been going, or else he would really disappointed.

Morning all!

Checkup and blood test at the hospital
Some resource making at work
Mince and dumplings

I might have overestimated my dread levels yesterday.

Hugs please




Think I’ll go to work late today

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