Monday thread


Think I’ll go to work late today






2 hours 20 minutes commute :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Going to spend the entire day moaning about it till people demand I work from home for the rest of the week because they can’t cope with my toxicity.


Had a nice but tiring weekend away, got proper dread for today though. Urgh.


I’ve got a presentation to write :weary:


I so badly want to go home already

I feel like I never see my tv anymore because he’s working so much :frowning: and I just miss him in my life. So pathetic, feel like crying this morning and crawling back into bed for the entire week. Just want cuddles and naps.


Ghostpony… Meet @witches. Witches, ghostpony.

Now hug each other with all your might!


I’ve tried to be organised this morning and sort out a bunch of life admin. Three phone calls, no answers.



Morning . I’m off work today!


Ouch. Drank loads of cider with my mate last night. Got a taxi home with a bag of fried chicken. Don’t remember getting into bed.

Fortunately I’m on a half day today as I have to go home and let the plumber into the house. Meeting an ATD later to give him a harmonium for his wedding.



we’re getting a futon delivered today

that’s all


planning my bro’s stag do.

Bike ride ---- pub lunch ------ bike ride ----- pub

Sounds alright? Yeah, that’ll do.


Is anyone feeling good right now?

  • Monday can do one
  • I’m walking on sunshine

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You slept with the fried chicken?




I actually had the sense to put it on a plate! Found it this morning when I was getting ready for work so I assume that I did not sleep with it!


I’ve come into the office because I left my laptop here (wanted to WFH as I’m feeling under the weather today) and there’s LITERALLY no-one else here. I’ve got a room of 26 desks to myself

Heading back home now.


morning DiS. prettay tired. going to see Kathryn Joseph do an in-store later, and going to some comedy later too


Hope your pleasant day continues