Monday thread

Fuck off, Monday


My sentiments exactly.

Woke up at half four because of stupid dreams, R won’t do anything I need him to and I will almost certainly be late for an appointment I don’t really want to go to. Stupid Monday.

WFH and it looks like the TV may be off ill so will be looking after her as well.

Juuuuuuust taking it as it comes.

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:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Had another blood test.

Listened to some Kozelek in the waiting room which was nice.

Morning all,

Horrible Monday vibes are currently being held at bay by an imminent morning trip to the cinema; to be followed by a visit to the local dog shelter (work to be squeezed in somewhere amongst all of this).

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Did you go to Suspiria/Goblin?

How many dogs will you be rescuing today?

Hopefully only one, but I can’t make any promises.



Really CBA with work, but it looks like I’ve got a busy morning, which will hopefully make the day go quickly.

Can’t think of anything exciting happening today. Maybe something will turn up later.

Was it as good as it should have been?

The neighbours are back from their holibobs. I am working from home. They have been shouting for about an hour now.

I would really like to move now, please.

should I trim the front bush today?

  • Yes
  • No

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this is way stronger than your star wars takes


i can’t deal with this right now


I’m on leave from Wednesday so in that terrible pre-holiday crunch trying to get loads of stuff finished

So why am I on DiS?? :confused::sunglasses:

Couple of days off so obviously I woke up at 6am

Currently about half way through summerslam


Did a pretty hilly cycle on Surrey yesterday so a bit sore today. Working from home, need to get focused