Monday thread

Field where I walk the dog has been turned so the PUBLIC FOOTPATH is now fairly impassable by foot. Dog was being a twat this morning. Smashed my kidney really hard with a door handle yesterday, massive bruise and accompanying pain today. Headache. Work is mind-numbingly dull.

Fuck off, Monday.

Because there used to be signal boxes at every junction but that was too expensive so now there’s 5 or 6 for the whole country making it take longer to fix faults.

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the dog smashed your kidney?

Yeah, the door handle that’s attached to the dog

Hey gang!

I’m giving myself a day off after a pretty intense last week + weekend. Basically just gonna sleep, eat and watch tv all day. :ok_hand:



I am extremely tired and stressed.

Good morning.

Suffering from sunburn after cycling 50km by the coast of the Loire on Thursday. Then I broke a tooth so I am suffering from that too. Managed to get an emergency appointment for this afternoon by phoning round all the dentists in north London from France. So I’m sitting at work with not much to do until I leave to have someone poke about in my mouth. Spent last night moisturising my overtanned bodily parts so am hoping it’ll feel better tomorrow. Looks weird how my fingers are white but the rest of my hand and arms are tanned (from gripping the handlebars of the bike). Looking forward to getting home from the dentist and self medicating with gin.

My (current) house is on the local news.

That URL is incredible. I’m also a big fan of how all the footage is during the day, which isn’t when the HGVs use the street as an alternative route (because the A14 is only closed at night).

didn’t have you down as a bruno

I go by many names.

The council’s excuse is great, though, because when we tried to complain about it, the city council, county council and police all said it was one of the other’s responsibility.


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I delayed and delayed getting our front privet hedge trimmed until we were into July, and the TUTTING from neighbours was palpable, but fuck you guys cos that’s us now nearly through summer and it still looks mint and I think we’ll get away without having to shell out to get it done again as the leaves will start to brown and drop in a month or so.


I’m in Glasgow for my passport appointment.

Hope to fucking god that there are no problems.


I’m sleepy, got a sore neck and a sore boob. My adorable child is to blame for 3/3 of these.

I am nowhere near the p/p office otherwise I’d wave/ meet you for coffee. Hope you get on ok!

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Emergency travel document. It’s like a passport but more flimsy and cream coloured. Very strange.

Good morning everyone :sunny: :smiley:

is it?





Called in sick cos my tum felt a bit dodgey early this morning. now it feels totally fine and i feel like a massive skiver. OH WELL. Just gives me a spare day to rage at twee mental health memes.