Monday thread

How are you all this morning? It’s cold this morning but it’s fairly bright. Obligatory photo of the fens:

Tell me all about your days.


Taken the day off sick to sit at home with my cold.

Already feel better knowing I’m not going in.

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Dydd Llun Hapus! Such a busy start to the week/end of the month, still battling the major cold too. Nasty. Got a nice cup of tea on the bash at the moment though, and looking forward to an interview with the council’s temp service on Wednesday

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Have to go into London today ffs. I don’t have to go back for work reasons for a while, which would be better consolation were I not willingly going back on Saturday for my dickhead hobby.

Skiving for the rest of the day to make up for it.

Only working two days this week.

Still cba


Long week ahead but seeing Low at the end of it


That sounds bloody amazing

Morning all,

At around 5am, Winifred the novelty puma decided to jump on my head then clamber down my back. I fell back asleep but had a slightly bizarre dream about finding some old person, trapped in a cave and inadvertently triggering a series of events that caused the person to reveal their true demon-self, before fulfilling the prophecy of covering the land in crude oil. Thankfully it was also written in the prophecy that we’d surf off on a wave of oil into the distance, somehow escaping the demon. By the time that had all played out, it was about half 5, and I was too awake to manage to get back to sleep. Had some nice snuggles though, before getting up and being in work at 6:55, meaning I managed to send my first report shortly after 7, which was good, as I’d been feeling anxious about leaving early on Friday.

A fascinating read, I’m sure you’ll agree. Looking forward to a possible snow morning on Wednesday, but for today, it looks like we’ve got a blue Monday in store, blue skies that is, with sunshine forecast right the way through until even the sun can’t hack it any more.

Enjoy your day.

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christ, it’s really monday :disappointed:

Morning all. Youngest daughter just pointed out this shadow on the living room wall:

Apparently it looks like a cat’s tail. That’s definitely what I thought.

Apart from that, I have a very bad stomach. Monday.


My new bike has been stolen :frowning:

Really hungover. Want to die.

Fuck, so fucking annoyed. That’s the second in six weeks :frowning:

aww maan :frowning:

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Alright Mondayers.

I’m half day today, then not in until next Monday. Wanted an easy day, met with half of my fridges not working because the refrigerator pack has failed. Had to spend the last 2hrs emptying fridges instead of filling them.

Probably gonna walk down to the pub later and have pizza or sausage egg and chips for tea.

@colon_closed_bracket sorry man. That’s incredibly shitty

Hey everyone, it’s Monday!

Still think I might have glass in my esophogus :confused:

I’m not dead yet though so that’s a bonus.

Got the shopping arriving 12-1 and a few bits of tidying up to do but other than that just straight up relaxin’. Will not be wearing outside trousers today.