Monday Thread

'tis Monday, right? Quick coffee break at work and wanted to post a Smiths track, but I’m not going to because, well, y’know.

Some light thinking instead.

450 millions animal are murdered in Britain every year
To be shoved down your throat and shat out of your arse

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First day of our ‘holiday’. Silly toddler is an absolute disaster at night right now so collective psyche is low.

Played a little gig last night in Lancaster and it was brilliant and cathartic. But I’m now operating on 4 hours of sleep.

Facing up to a long drive. Need coffee.


And yet they wont let Sir Kier kill one little alpaca


Morning pals. Working in the office today for the first time in 18 months. None of the meeting rooms or collaborative spaces are open so it’s going to be exactly like WFH but with a far higher chance of catching the rona. Cool :clown_face:

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Back at work this morning, for another couple of weeks. At this rate, I might actually get to drive a train before I retire.

Had an appalling sleep last night - is it possible to fall asleep while riding a bike? I think I might find out this morning.

I need to get up, get breakfast, pack the tent and get off the Beautiful days site.

Maybe have a shower first.

Morning all!

I’m teaching my first class of the academic year today (remotely).

Still waiting to hear the result of my PCR…

Day off so woke up at 5. Started listening to a GSFTEOTW but gonna save it for a walk i think

Feel a bit run down from lack of sleep so could do with an easy day but think niece and nephew will be here soon

Gonna be a mega-busy week at work, will keep me out of trouble at least.

I’m 15 minutes away from finishing a triple night shift.

The weekend starts now!!


Morning all :wave:

Went to sleep feeling really paranoid: during the course of the day I’d managed to aggravate an insect bite on my leg, so my leg was painful and looked a bit gross when I took my jeans off. Cleaned it up and everything, but then I was convinced I was going to develop sepsis overnight. It’s still a bit sore but no worse, and I didn’t die in the night so that’s good.

Standard WFH day today.

Good morning!

Very pleased with having slept through the night TWICE in a row for the first time in two weeks cause of my wisdom tooth ordeal. Obviously very sleepy now anyway because it’s Monday morning and all that, but still.

I’m leaving for the north on Thurs evening, gonna be a busy few days until then.

Wishing everyone a tolerable Monday.

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LAST WEEK OF WORK UNTIL NEXT JUNE :partying_face::partying_face:


I should have a baby


Hate to break it to you Pnikkers but… the real work starts now

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Can’t wait.


Last night I was all, ready for last week off, going to get up early and be productive and take some exercise.

Today. Still in bed…productivity can wait.


Morning all

Lovely sunny morning. Have quite severe work dread.

I’d started to forget what a sunny morning was like.

Made some good progress with the garden yesterday afternoon, and it looking good is a big lift.

In a weird limbo at work at the moment having finished a hide project a month or so ago, being on leave for 3 of the last 5 weeks, and currently not having a lot on. But knowing there’s 4 or 5 massive pieces of work we’re waiting to get approved meaning we’re weeks away from being ridiculous again.

Feels like a big D&D session tonight. Hopefully @grievoustim can succeed a tech saving throw on a WiFi test and join us.


About to leave Green Man. Stop off at McDs at Pontypool for breakfast. Home for 1. Shower, shave, wash clothes, pick kids up, have cottage pie, sleep.