Monday, check. Rain, check, Work, check.

Ah, coffee and Deep Purple at their peak.

Working until 3, then a rest, then I cannot wait to play more of the Outer Wilds. The exploration and music in it, I’m more than a little in awe of it, would recommend.

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Wet isn’t it.

Still got my bonza leggings on.

Work and then cleaning the house. Leftover crumble for later though!

Morning! It is proper pishing doon so much that the dog refused to go out.

It’s a bank holiday here in Glasgow so I’m off. Video games and snoozing. I’m off the rest of the week too so brunch and lie ins with my partner planned.

In fact I’ll likely take a wee break from here and the “socials”.




Autumn seems to have arrived with a bang. The wind is roaring and it is absolutely throwing it down with rain. Got a few errands to do today as well - so glad I got rid of my car…

Might just stay in bed and cuddle the dog all day if its going to be like this.

Morning all, managers not and in pub at lunch. Today isn’t looking so bad.

Called in sick today. My nose is like a tap.

That sounds like bliss! Have a good few days away :slight_smile:

Morning all!

It’s wet and windy here in West Norfolk. I was out first thing doing the supermarket click and collect, and now I’m working from home for the rest of the day.

Not an awful lot else to add really. I was dreading a response to an email that I’d set to send first thing this morning, but the person in question is off sick today.

Pissing it down in Manchester.

Nothing of any note to report today until Dungeons and Dissers.


Had a dream that my partner got her bank accounts emptied trying to buy cryptocurrencies

Good morning, had a lovely walk by the river yesterday evening to commemorate the last sunny eve for a while :smiling_face_with_tear:


Morning all!

As previously reported, it’s throwing it down in Glasgow but it’s a bank holiday.

It’s also my birthday so I’ll be opening gifts and [doing activities that Wor Lass has planned].

I’ll be singing this all day, as is tradition:

And I’ll probably post some references to Krapp’s Last Tape and the disintegrating man at the end of The Last Crusade at some points.


Morning, blue skies and sunny here. Got woken up in the middle of the night though by howling wind and rain hammering against the window, so I guess it’s already passed over here.

Another week of work awaits. Yay.

Happy Birthday Keith Weithy

(Krapp’s Last Tape is on at the Tron starting this week)

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Happy Keithday! :partying_face:


HP BD @keith !

It’s raining here too. I thought we paid to have better weather than everyone else?

My main thing for today is telling my boss that I’ve got no intention of coming to the office while there’s still trouble getting petrol.

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HB, k! :cake: :partying_face:

Gone tom dick today. Whole house is full of it.

I did not know that…