📆 Monday thread 🔥

It’s happening :neutral_face:
Take care of yourself.
Get to work.

Remember to check in on elderly/vulnerable neighbours and goths.

What you up to?

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Currently seems not too bad. Logged on early in the hopes of getting most of a days work done before it gets unbearable this afternoon

Tonsillitis is fun

Ah man, GWS x


Like, it’s the perfect day to spend in bed

3 day week plus a shitty meeting today.

Need to get up and make some lunch

I’ve booked today off work at the last minute as I’m too sad for toil

Need to do some cleaning really but I probably won’t

Going to work.

Room of 30 hot kids who aren’t allowed to go outside?

Aaaaaah excellent.


Thought I would come into the office today cause air conditioning. The office is being refurbished and the air con is off. Fantastic work.


First day back in the office for ~6 weeks. Jetlagged af. Had very little sleep. Heatwave on. :face_in_clouds:

We’re going to need a bigger coffee.


Had it for the first time about a year ago. Didn’t expect it to be so bad. Fortunately the worst of it only lasted a day or two for me


Going to go for a quick bike ride before the heat starts.

Dad is popping over for a bit mid-morning.

Going to spend the afternoon hiding under the stairs.

Got a meeting later. On site. High vis, hard hat and work boots is it. DO NOT WANT.

Just been out to the car to get something, and now I’m wondering what the birds around here have been eating……


Day aff. Only gonna be a cool 30 degrees down on the idyllic south coast. Youngest is sick so gonna have to look after him all day and probs stick around home. Zzzzzzzzz

Nottingham is gonna be the only place to hit 40 tomorrow from the few cities I’ve just looked at

Currently had a temperature for a week now and a very sore throat since Wednesday

Yeah I had a sore throat for about a week but for about a day and a half I felt like utter death.

Full on case of the Mondays

Got the next full 3 days booked in with my devs and analysts to collate the findings of 6 days of workshops and price up several options for systems to drive IT strategy for the next 5 years to present to board next well.

And you know what I really cannot be fucked, it’s all gonna be too expensive to get signed off but I need to cover myself by presenting this so when the cut down version I present after redoing everything I’ve already done to meet cost pressures failed I can say “told you so”

Gonna have to keep telling people to stop complaining about the heat because 3 days isn’t really enough time to complete it but I only had the budget for 3 days.

Was dead awake at 2 with work dread which I hadn’t felt all day before that; stayed up for a few hours watching Sharks and crocodiles and giant squid on YouTube

Now hot, tired, still covid-y, have to work, grumpy. No!

Yeah, hoping I’ve gone through bad phase. The impact of the swollen tonsil has made me sound well funny when I talk