Monday thread

I’ve got to go for a blood test and I cba

How are you?


good luck with your blood test!

Up early with bad anxiety, more day drinking today perhaps

I’m sat in front of my monitor, waiting for an update to finish installing on my work laptop and trying to motivate myself. Boooo

Busy work week continues apace. Should let up by checks notes next Tuesday. Fuck.

First of eight days off. Woke up at just gone 6am obviously.



back at the grindstone, just for this week before I have a fortnight off. This week looks like HELL in the leadup to that. Friday is meant to be one of those zoom free fridays I have every now and then, and I don’t just have loads of meetings, but loads of meetings over lunchtime! Don’t they know I have a regular meeting at the Basketmakers every friday?

Morning all.

Had a bad night’s sleep thanks to a sinus headache, and was just getting back to sleep when my morning alarm went off :neutral_face:

Only a two day work week for me though, then off to Green Man on Wednesday! Can’t flipping wait.

It’s isotopes night! Got a top of the table clash at 5 a side beforehand so will be rushing home sweaty to join some pals round the telly at ours for it


Packing and tidying for a house move is the worst thing in the world


:notes: We’re all going on a summer holiday. Need to pack, fill up the car, eat breakfast and decide where to eat my first portion of fish and chips



Found out last week that I got accepted on a course that I’d forgotten I’d applied for so I have two weeks to do all the prep & life admin necessary to spend the next two years as a student

Which of course is perfect timing for my macbook to give up the ghost so on top of the above I now have to go & see if I’m spending £300-£400 to fix it or 3 grand for a new one :frowning:

To be clear - I can’t afford either amount


When our kitchen flooded & we had to move out while they ripped up & replaced the entire floor & underfloor I had to do this, for a family of 4, TWICE in 3 months without any help from my TV who basically refused to leave & then basically refused to move back …so, yeah it sucks

Weren’t they already there if they hadn’t moved?

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It definitely rains more on Mondays doesn’t it?

I’ve got a few days off work. Todays plans are an afternoon in Brighton, pub, get dinner out and then go see “The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die”


Been persuaded to go out for breakfast, we are taking the dog, everyone is moaning and it’s raining

Could still be in bed with tea and toast :roll_eyes:

excellent weekend. Got flying visits to Manchester and Leeds, two great gigs, plenty of nice pints and food, a long country walk with old mates, and at various stages hung out with @ghostly @Tuna @Aggpass @safebruv @BobRickerton and @Lotd - and still made it home in time for dinner. Will need to do it again, turns out the north isn’t that far away!

today … the emails, oh god the emails. But luckily got a Fringe double bill this evening, so that’ll keep my spirits up


They had to be forced in both directions

For me it always starts out as “this is an opportunity for a clean out!” and packing all the stuff I actually want isn’t too bad, but then you get into looking under beds and at the back of wardrobes and everything is so dusty and then you’re moving the next morning and you want to cry but you’ve got too much stuff left and you’re just throwing it into bags for life.

Best of luck, basically. The best thing I can say is that it will soon, definitely, be over.

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Yeah i started throwing stuff away but then there was too many decisions to make so i’m keeping it