Monday thread

Up at a ridiculous hour to eat breakfast because I’m not allowed to eat for 6 hours before an appointment later. What’s worse than having an alarm set for 6:15? Waking up 20 minutes before it goes off for no reason

What are you lot up to?

I was awoken by a 615 alarm that I’d forgotten to turn off, which is remarkably annoying.

Just dropped the 10yo off for school, about to get on the bus for day 1 of a 2 year course I’m not even sure I wanna do

Gonna be a full time student for the first time in (gulp) 27 facking years

Gonna be weird being a student in 2023

Will I be able to hack it? Will they all be pill-popping, weed smoking slackers like in the 90s? Or square as fuck?

We’ll see I guess

At least I won’t have to come home to this lad in the walls.

Happy to report that I caught & liberated him in the wee hours


Someone forgot tell the cat it’s BHM :yawning_face:

It’s so cute. How did you catch it? Was it a present from Shades?

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My sister and her family are leaving today. Kiddo’s gonna be devastated, he’s had such a wild time with his cousin. I’m sad they’re leaving but relieved to get a bit of space back in the house.

Otherwise work, boring crap. Hoping to hear about a new job this week.

Shades brought it in about a week ago …so present is one interpretation of that

I caught it by cornering it & throwing a big tupperware bowl over it, then sliding a thin piece of plywood underneath & carrying it out i to the garden to release it

Pretty much the same as the upturned glass & cardboard method for humanely removing bees & wasps from your home

Last day of a weekend break. Watched scrapper in the cinema last night, enjoyed that. Watched a huge trebuchet being launched as well. Today will be a walk along a river and some nice food somewhere.

Morning all!

It’s my first teaching day since June so I almost decomposing through dread.

It’ll be fine, obviously, but I’m too old for this shit.


Morning. Bank holiday, so relieved to get some childcare help when it would normally be just me and toddler on a Monday.

Had visions of a bike ride but very very can’t be bothered vibes. Might go for a walk and then nip into town for last minute holiday bits.


Hiya, watching room on the broom for the billionth time with eldest kiddo.

Bank holiday Monday, so going out to a national heritage park today with the grandparents, they can do some grandparenting for a bit, cos we need a break from the constant bullshit ATM.

Also, got the proper guffs from real ale I drank last night.

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Silly kid is off to my mum’s for a couple of nights so we’re just left with the cheeky baby. Looking forward to when we can offload them both :sweat_smile:


working early shift but gonna nip down the road for what’s being billed as a MAMMOTH carboot sale. V excited



Was at work for 4.30.

The early mornings are getting quite chilly (and dark) :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Gave the big kid choice of swimming or cinema today and we’re going swimming. Cba is very high, shouldn’t have gave him a choice.

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Sun is out so I will be on a mission to force a family walk that will inevitably end up as just me and the dog

Carnival vibes on the radio almost motivating me out of bed :star_struck:

Train back to London and then loads of boring chores before going back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. Ugh.

Morning all :wave:

Back to work tomorrow after ten days off :tired_face: trying not to let it spoil my last day though. Another picnic somewhere today, then a few admin bits.

What course u doin hun?

(Good luck)

The cat has been pawing my face gently for a good while now but has progressed to very irked meowing. How about you get your own breakfast for once, punk?!

Off to see a friend later, and her very silly dog.