Monday thread

That bread is one of my favourite things ever. Heavenly stuff

I had a dream about this mouse last night. Dreamt I had caught it in my hands from it running up a piece of paper I was holding and I went to gently throw him out the balcony doors but he bounced off the floor and went over the balcony ledge (third floor so impact would’ve been fatal I reckon) and barleysugar was looking at me like I had murdered it on purpose.

In waiting mode for my appointment for the next hour or so. Time to sit on the sofa and stare at the walls


Bit of cricket on Wilverley Plain and all will be well.

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Good luck froggo :crossed_fingers:


Woke up hours ago and thought ‘urgh another boring Monday :weary:’ then remembered it’s a BH which means more food posts here 🎉 August Bank Holiday Food Thread 🍦 and another festival today! :partying_face:

I’ve done a mischief to my right calf somehow though, it feels really tight and painful and I’ve only been able to hobble since yesterday morning :grimacing: not sure what to do. Hope I’ll still be able to dance later…

Why do the national trust insist on putting up badminton courts outdoors. Cheeksters have spent the last 20 minutes getting frustrated at practicing their novice skills in 15mph winds.

Just a regular monday for me but I’m making veggie pancakes for lunch. Got a tennis lesson later, really excited about that


Classic cheese dream

nice GIF


Got back into bed.

Gonna have a tofu katsu baguette

Then potter for a coffee and continue Sense and Sensibility

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got your phone fixed yet?

For now, yes

Hopefully it holds together til replacement part turns up

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Forgot to wash my festival bag yesterday, it’s so grimy :neutral_face:

want to be frugal post-fringe, but also really want sushi lunch argh

Hell yeah

The weather looks pretty threatening in these but it’s actually fine.


Bank holiday Mondays

  • Absolute shite, the only good thing is not being in work the next day on the Sunday
  • Good somehow
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Massively failed at this, obviously

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VERY excited to discover it is powered by water and gravity.

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They’re coming back! because UK airspace is mashed. Kiddo will be excited!