Monday thread

Feel like pure guff, may have to actually quit alcohol fully you know.

Going to try to smash out a load of work this morning then take the afternoon off and cosplay this:



Had a blast yesterday. Walkmen were amazing. Going for breakfast before leaving. Nice to have a lounge in bed. Not so nice waking up at 6 though.

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Hate it when the dog wants to get up early. Just sits next to the bed squeaking. Even if one of us is already up and about, he insists on trying to get the other person up as well.

Then obviously as soon as he’s had his breakfast, he goes back to bed. Little bugger.

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Production leader: Film & TV



Tired, body rebelling from all the socialising and booze and fast food. Need a detox week really. Would love a massage today but they’re booked up - so gone for a Friday afternoon end of week treat instead

Gotta work but don’t think a huge amount to do, can definitely get out for a nice lunch walk and read. Looks so sunny out!

Keep it real playas

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Happy BH to everyone that celebrates! Very slow start to the day in our house. Just put a load of laundry on and now need to decide what to eat for breakfast.

Barbecue with our neighbours last night was a great success. One of our guests was a Chinese tiktok content creator and so it might turn out that I become a niche superstar in Gansu province or something.

No plans for today but the sun is beaming and so that should not go to waste. Would love a long relax in the garden with a G&T but that won’t happen.

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Alright. Cat woke me up at half six doing vomiting noises. No vomit. Did vomiting noises again a bit later. Some vomit. Cat now asleep.

Off to Saltburn in a bit to ride a funicular, and then on to Middlesbrough to see Future Islands. Weather looks ok for all of this🤞


Je visite l’aquarium

Everyone we’ve spoken to who’s visited La Rochelle has said that the aquarium is something you must do, so I have high hopes


Oh god. My ex’s brother just messaged to ask “would you be up for a chat at some point today?”

Oh god. Oh god. What is this. “A chat” is never good.


Oh god so hungover

I’m getting married this week :+1:


Just had a very delicious egg banjo :stuck_out_tongue:

That bread is one of my favourite things ever. Heavenly stuff

I had a dream about this mouse last night. Dreamt I had caught it in my hands from it running up a piece of paper I was holding and I went to gently throw him out the balcony doors but he bounced off the floor and went over the balcony ledge (third floor so impact would’ve been fatal I reckon) and barleysugar was looking at me like I had murdered it on purpose.

In waiting mode for my appointment for the next hour or so. Time to sit on the sofa and stare at the walls


Bit of cricket on Wilverley Plain and all will be well.

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Good luck froggo :crossed_fingers:


Woke up hours ago and thought ‘urgh another boring Monday :weary:’ then remembered it’s a BH which means more food posts here 🎉 August Bank Holiday Food Thread 🍦 and another festival today! :partying_face:

I’ve done a mischief to my right calf somehow though, it feels really tight and painful and I’ve only been able to hobble since yesterday morning :grimacing: not sure what to do. Hope I’ll still be able to dance later…

Why do the national trust insist on putting up badminton courts outdoors. Cheeksters have spent the last 20 minutes getting frustrated at practicing their novice skills in 15mph winds.

Just a regular monday for me but I’m making veggie pancakes for lunch. Got a tennis lesson later, really excited about that