Monday thread

Classic cheese dream

nice GIF


Got back into bed.

Gonna have a tofu katsu baguette

Then potter for a coffee and continue Sense and Sensibility

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got your phone fixed yet?

For now, yes

Hopefully it holds together til replacement part turns up

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Forgot to wash my festival bag yesterday, it’s so grimy :neutral_face:

want to be frugal post-fringe, but also really want sushi lunch argh

Hell yeah

The weather looks pretty threatening in these but it’s actually fine.


Bank holiday Mondays

  • Absolute shite, the only good thing is not being in work the next day on the Sunday
  • Good somehow
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Massively failed at this, obviously

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VERY excited to discover it is powered by water and gravity.

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They’re coming back! because UK airspace is mashed. Kiddo will be excited!

Found this on a recipe for making your own Heinz baked beans and need a sanity check.

Putting the beans on the toast and then microwaving the lot

  • This is the standard method
  • This is total nonsense
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Ohhhh FUCK ME I need to hoover the shED and I CANT BE ARSED

Also piss off DiS, posting before I’ve typed out the whole sentence!!!

Bet the person who wrote this is upper middle-class. You can just tell.

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Good one for the ‘If The Next Post Was a Reply’ thread there.

Why do you need to hoover the shed?!


This was good

Forty minute queue for a one minute ride :sunglasses:


who gave you permission to steal my Tinder bio??