Monday Thread


In the 80s my bed hair was stylish


Not sure why this photo is so terrifying. But it definitely is.



Whole weekend glossing. It was not fun.

My dog is also semi-glossed, so that’ll be easy to fix…


Phenomenal impression of a human pineapple there, Theo.



Username / post



Not to be dramatic or anything but it’s cold.



When you go to get your hair cut, do you:

  • Give it a good proper wash beforehand and/or get it looking its best
  • Give it a bit of a going-over but not worry too much
  • Roll out of bed and turn up with bed hair

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My weekend was really nice and relaxing. First fully chilled one in a while. Friends over for dinner on Friday, watched the BFG on Saturday, Fantastic Beasts on Sunday, climbing, video games. 9/10, would definitely weekend again.


Decent enough weekend, played some music on Saturday and went to the Ally Pally famers’ market on Sunday. Just realised this will be the last time I’ll wake up feeling gloomy on a Monday in this flat.


Morning team!


Enthusiastic waving!!! HAAIII everyone!!

Considering I felt like death yesterday I feel GREAT this morning!! How long will this last?!


5 mins at best. Prepare for the worst.


Haha yeaaah, don’t you worry, after I posted that my enthusiasm was immediately replaced with the normal Monday feeling of impending doom.


Was in a car crash on Friday (I made a stupid mistake at a junction and someone went into the side of my rental car) so I’ve been feeling pretty shit all weekend really. We were on the way to stay with some friends who live in the countryside so at least we got to chill with them, took my mind off it all a bit. No one was hurt but I felt like a massive twat and we’re now waiting to see how much I’ll have to pay to cover the damage to the other car :frowning:


In the 80s, people used to plant your hair in their garden as a sign that they were swingers.


Sorry to hear this. Mistakes do happen and I’m glad no one was hurt. Hope you don’t overthink it.


the heating here is cranked to the max