Monday! You! Me! Dancing!

No dancing please we’re British.

Why am I awake? Answers on a postcard.

been awake for an hour or so, just having a coffee then out on the :bike: for a bit

so sick of these 4-5 hour sleeps.

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Haven’t woken up later than 5:30 for 2 weeks now. Think it’s the baby stirring then me being too hungry to fall back asleep. Day off with her today. Might nap when she does.

Blimey I’m tired. Ho hum off to work

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I need to find someone to get rid of this wasps’ nest in my extractor fan :grimacing:. Otherwise, pretty, pretty good.

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Extra bank holiday for NI folk today which is nice. Unfortunately it’s for a guy who bought Edward Coulson’s slaves

Had a dream where I took today off as holiday and now I’m jealous of Dr dream Epimer

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Got no milk in and I woke up early so I’m in the living room and getting dressed to go to the shop would mean waking my husband up, bit of a dilemma

I’m going to shave the dog.


I’ve lost my little pocket mirror somewhere in the flat. If anyone finds it can you let me know x


Really quite sad that its the last week of term. I only get two more live lessons with my class and I’m going to really miss them as I don’t get to have a proper goodbye :sob:



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Have you checked your pockets

Met two deer when running along the river this morning, a pretty strong start to the week :deer:


Been up for 2 hours. Need a nap.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning DiSsers.

I spent most of the weekend working on today’s radio show (trying to pick one song from some records i like is harder than it should be sometimes). This is a good old fashioned JAG!!!

Listen from 4-6pm BST to Drowned in Sound’s show on Soho Radio. For this month’s edition I’ve gone back to my safe place and made you two Unhappy Hours. The first is dripping with sadness, mostly melting from the LA sunshine (yes lockdown cancelled my holiday plans, and no I’m not ok about it…) and the second is a more filmic and dreamy rush of ambient tunes.

It’s very mellow Monday vibes. There are three Phoebes/Phebes as well as a Julien, Julianna and Julia, plus because I’m childish there’s a satisfyingly filthy threesome to finish.

Join me wherever you are in the world when the show is broadcast via the Soho Radio website (or using your Sonos or Alexa or whatever). Alternatively listen on Mixcloud whenever you like.

Inventions - Continuous Portrait
Gia Margaret - barely there
Aimee Mann - One
Kehlani - Grieving (feat. James Blake)
Arlo Parks - Black Dog
Keaton Henson - You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are
Elliott Smith - Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
Phoebe Bridgers - Chinese Satellite
Julien Baker - Shadowboxing
Hayley Williams - Creepin’
Angel Olsen - New Love Cassette (Mark Ronson Remix)
Phebe Starr - DAFFODILS
Wye Oak - Fear of Heights
Waxahatchee - Fire
Chromatics - Stiff As A Board
Erland Cooper, Astra Forward, Hinako Omori - Hether Blether
Hinako Omori - Auraelia
FKA twigs - Ache
Julianna Barwick - In Light (fest. Jónsi)
Anna Phoebe - By The Sea
Eluvium, Field Works - Dusk Tempi
Julia Holter - Stealing Money - Extended
Laurel Halo - Hyphae
Mary Lattimore, Paul Sukeena - Dreaming of the Kelly Pool
Noveller - Zeaxanthin
Jenny Hval - Kingsize
Self Esteem - Miami Memory - Cover
TORRES - Too Big for the Glory Hole
Janelle Monáe - Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams)


PS I cut my own hair this weekend for the second time since the staff of lockdown. Is anyone else still doing that?


Good morning tilty & co

My new slippers should arrive today and that is exciting.

I think that’s all.

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Morning all!

I slept quite well and The Child didn’t wake me at dawn.

No plans today apart from some admin and some D&D later.

@sean - Wor Lass did some back and side maintenance about a month ago but I’m counting down the hours until the barber opens again on Wednesday.

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