3 day week them berlin. What’s up with you.

Mainly started this so I’ve got somewhere to post the art from the funfair that’s set up in sheffield city centre atm. Guessing it’s meant to be elvis and someone

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I reckon that’s meant to be Cher



Don’t drink a bunch of jagerbombs on a Sunday night / ever, kids :sleeping:


Are you absolutely 100% Cher?



It’s Shurr

na I’m pretty sure it’s Elvis

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Elvis looks sad.

I’m at work

Cher? I thought it was Catherine Tate.

Maybe that means it’s Mark Lamarr not Elvis?

good morning to agpag, elvis, that cher and everyone else who has posted in this thready, and those who have yet to post

New EITS album??


heh, that reminds me, i bought the latest eits record a couple of weeks ago and never so much as unwrapped it. so it could in theory be called that.

morning assorted disers, may your Monday (and indeed whole week) be a fruitful and rewarding experience

morning all. bit tired due to some guests in the holiday apartment next door having a big party on a sunday night and the management being totally unresponsive. :thumbsup:

on the plus side, good weekend. took the dog to the welsh countryside, where she met cows for the first time. wasn’t keen. hope all are well. anglos.


Best thing they’ve done in a while. Disintegration Anxiety is an absolute choon. Was dead good live as well :slight_smile:

Good morning to you.

I had a four day weekend. Thursday and Friday was spend packing and cleaning and then we moved on Saturday. Exhausted. Still have no kitchen and the lounge is kind of out of bounds while the work is happening, so we had to proper sort our stuff out yesterday and jesus christ we own so much shit, I really want to get rid of stuff, especially clothes. I own so fucking many urgh.

it’s Free Fruit Monday at work!

i’m not at work today.

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OMG ^this!!!

never bothered to see them at a rock concert, due to… laziness?