never bothered to see them at a rock concert, due to… laziness?


Free fruit EVERDAY at work (the fruit has not yet arrived)


what free fruit do you plan on eating today


the company i work for is only 20% as generous as yours. less probably…


I have nabbed a banana and a pink lady apple. My usual.


this was a reply to @cowcow but apparently I’ve forgotten how this website works?


i’m not sure what i did to offend her :worried:



That’s about it, really.


Oh, it’s also new coffee day. Preliminary rating: 6/10


Morning team. Pretty enamoured with my new bike.

Spent a large part of my weekend on Zoopla, PrimeLocation and rightmove.

Meeting a pal for lunch today, gonna hit up Exmouth Market and get a burrito.


i would put all my replies in one post but it is very difficult on a phone


Had a pure pish nights sleep.
And got into work totally forgetting about some health and safety guy coming into to see us, Christ I cannot be fucked.

Ultimately I think I’m just annoyed I’m not still in Dublin :grinning:


Dion feels the same way about you


mate, Vulpine sample sale might do you for new bike kit (if you need any) but their server’s fucked AGAIN


drinking coffee and watching frasier. gonna spend the day bugging people for work and/or applying for a job at mcdonalds. mates coming over tonight to eat burritos and watch fire walk with me. :coffee:


oh wow - I wish the funfair that comes to Brighton was here at the moment - I keep meaning to take some photos when it’s here.

One ride has an amazing assortment of 90s stars - ginger spice, robbie williams.

If it doesn’t exist already someone should create an Instagram of bad funfair art


I go on holiday on Friday and I’M SO EXCITED
Got a long checklist of stuff to do this week including going up to Dalston on my lunch break to get my eyebrows done :massage:

This weekend I ate shit loads of good vegan food. Vegan burgers on Friday at Mooshies, Wahaca on Saturday and then 3 ocurse vegan meal from my bfs mum on Sunday :heart:


wfh for the first time ever. i can totally see the appeal


Oh sweeeeeet! I didn’t realise it was on, got a lovely Hoy top last time for 9 jib.


Haha :grinning: