Drank a lot of wine yesterday so I’ve woken up super tired. Another week!!

How are you? Got any hopes and dreams for this week? Or just hoping to get through it?

Also v tired. Didn’t sleep well because my head was buzzing with post-tournament analyses. Nothing at all to do with the massive poke of chips I demolished at half ten when I got back in.

I feel really behind on my work at the moment so I’m going to try to smash through a load of it this week. I’ll feel better for knowing it’s under control.

Might go out for dinner with an ATD later in the week but that’s it.

Morning ssf, epimer.

Anxiety has been ridic the past few days so I’m bunking off work today. I should probably do something useful but I’ll probably stay in bed and watch parks and rec instead.

Ik it’s not really bunking off if you’re not well but I always feel like I’m skiving when I have time off due to MH issues :expressionless:

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Morning everyone.

Anyone had the mcdonalds bagel burger? Sounds ridiculous.

Had a good weekend - spent the time out on the patio in the sun. Headaches have spiked again. I need to get my brain fixed.

Here is a photo of my dog.


Woof![quote=“sheeldz, post:6, topic:14282”]
Here is a photo of my dog.



Woke up from an awful dream and found ive slept on my neck all wrong and it hurts. First thing my wife said when i got up is that she thinks our dishes smell weird. Got absolute work dread.

Fuck off, monday.

So far:

  • forgot my lunch
  • forgot my headphones
  • fucked up the ‘bridges’ puzzle in the i

I’ve managed to retrace my steps and work out where I went wrong with the puzzle (and have completed it before the end of my train journey) but it’s 8.12am and I’m already 3-1 down.

fuck you, monday


Going to do a good job at getting thinner this week. Looking forward to it.


:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


I’ve pulled a @Ruffers here. Just home, still wide awake, stinking of bonfire. Going to have a beer, listen to the new LCD Soundsystem and then go to bed. Hopefully.


Just listening to this at my desk whilst there’s no-one in. It’s really beautiful. Thanks @ruffers for alerting me to it!


Live album is on that Spotify. Really glad to be able to listen to how they reworked the songs again. Should Have Known Better with the percussion is :ok_hand:


Hello folks.

Nothing to report.

And yet you managed to report it. Paradox! :upside_down:

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Got up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and absolutely smashed my foot into the door frame of the bathroom in my hotel room. Only broken my little toe haven’t I. 0-1 laelfy.

Morning all.

Saw some absolute phallus on the tube this morning watching a TV show with his phone in PORTRAIT mode. Who the fuck is that stupid? Maybe he was just a hipster who yearned for the days of 14" tellys and tiny pictures.