Was low twenties in Lanarkshire yesterday and I struggled to sleep last night so dunno how you London types are coping.

Big week ahead, move date is Friday - assuming nothing goes wrong - lots of fiddly packing to do but most of the big stuff is done.

Mortgage company are completely useless but things mostly sorted there. Also my bank who previously have never been any bother are making an arse of making my account a joint one. Why are banks such shits?

What’s happening with you lot?

Morning! Up early (for me) to fly to Canada today. Ahhh!


Not coping at all tbh. It’s about 28°c inside our flat with all the windows open :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

I am shattered. 8 hours cycling yesterday. Though: my favourite colleague is back from his hols today and I’ve not seen him for A WHOLE MONTH so I am looking forward to seeing him again.

Oh, also: four day week!!

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Got an athletics event at school later, will be outside for several hours from 12ish. I’m going to be a sweating, red mess.

Morning all!

First day back after nearly 2 weeks off :frowning:

Just weighed myself and I’ve put nearly half a stone on through lack of activity and biscuit consumption this past fortnight.

Too warm - got the icy air conditioning to look forward to when I get to the office I suppose…

Had a four day weekend so I feel refreshed but also can’t face work in this weather. Friend’s wedding down in Chichester so caught up with school friends, then saw my grandparents on the way home. Decent.

Fuck this country

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Was told a story last night about athletes foot. It wasn’t a nice story. It’s all I hear when I read “athletics” in your post :scream: I’m annoyed for both of us.

What’s happening in Canada ?

I’m running late, fuck it

10/10 banger this:

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Going to sled island festival in Calgary, there was a thread!

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Cool, have fun ma man :+1:

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Got a busy week that involves going to Birmingham twice and also to Hull. I hope the trains are nice and warm

Wish I could like this song but whenever I hear it I immediately think of the Hear’say version

I know the guy that runs this. Great fest by all accounts

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Got the right hump this morning. Threw and shattered a piece of the hamster’s tubing in a blind rage. Missed the train by about forty seconds, meaning a twenty five fucking minute wait. London Midland’s continued refusal to take the blindest bit of notice of their timetable and then the likely tumult of stupid questions I am likely to have to field today.

Going to have to isolate myself from other people as best I can.

If they are, it’ll make that sweet train beer even nicer…

Witnessed two smashes on the way to work.

The work car park only has about a dozen spaces that are in shade and they were all taken - it’s probably going to be about 45 degrees in that car park by home time :frowning:

Fan on, window open.

Is it sociably acceptable to work naked?

4 day week + Kraftwerk on Thursday: might be enough to get me through Monday hell.

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The Midlands and Yorkshire Rivieras.

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