Morning one and all,

Listening to Mortician on the bus when some guy knocks my headphones clean off my head with his big galumphing bag. Serves me right I suppose.

How long is this heat going to last? All my clothes are too woollen

Morning everyone.

Entered a trance-like state listening to Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights while walking to work hungover in the heat.

Today will be difficult, but going to Glastonbury on Thursday so whey-hey-hey.

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Also: Finished reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles this morning. He uses the word “spiritualized” in the last chapter!

I have the shits. Might go home if they continue past 11am.

I am also very tired.

Pretty sure I’ve cost my company a couple hundred quid so, well, good start eh.

Absolutely sweltering already, couldnt face walking so getting the bus and going up by finsbury park. Bad feels, man. Hopefully my last week in this job, will be glad when it’s over.

Might be going away to Birmingham this weekend for a different job. Anything going on in brum i should check out?

Bit hazy out today, which is providing a little respite from the sun’s glare. Going to get a review written before I go putting out posters.

I’m part of a performance tonight as part of the Midsummer Festival. I think I’ll be dancing in the performance but details have been vague. Going into it with some trepidation.

Mortician eh? Going to check these lads out.

This is a completely understandable phenomenon.

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Nice! I’m reviewing it for DiS, dreading the flight but :tired_face:

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they should have the equivalent of a snow day where it’s just too hot so everyone can go home

you would be sat crowded round the radio listening as they called out all the offices that were shut that day. would be great.


got a bad cough

Got this stuck in my head.


Fucking hayfever man.

Took my tablet, used my drops, used my spray, still had a shite drive in from hell. Now sat at my desk willing the day away, which is never good. Went to use the spray again and it’s broken (lasted a full 3 sprays – £5 well spent).

Fuck. Hayfever. Anyone who doesn’t get it and can actually enjoy this time of year is an utter bastard.

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so bloody glad i’m in an aircon’d office rn lads

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Feel like absolute mince otherwise too because the tv’s off to Manchencester (probably forever) today, and we had a big awkward chat about me needing to want to help myself and stuff and loneliness and all the rest of it and now I’m just knackered and alone again.

Spent most of saturday outside watching hockey, then a few hours playing football yesterday.


One of the advantages of insulating our house is that it’s significantly cooler inside than outside. Still a bit too warm to sleep right through the night last night though. Urgh.

Thankfully the aircon in our office is working at the moment, so it’s quite cool in here.

Here’s an article on cooling the tube:

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I read that article when you tweeted it earlier on. Very interesting stuff.

It’s unreal how cool the tube used to be. Imagine this poster now!


Oh dear god, they’re terrible… but they’re good at picking horror quotes :smiley: