Our office isn’t air conned so we just have the windows open. Unfortunately they are demolishing an office block over the road from us so it’s ridiculously loud.

I might have to go and find some work to do in the air conditioned server rooms.

My hayfever is bad today too. Today is going to be a long day.


Very much enjoying the grindcore elements! Some of the quotes are longer than the songs themselves!


looking forward to travelling to the hell that is 30°C heat in london tomorrow.


Still quite, quite sunburnt.

Having a Morrison’s cooked breakfast because I’m classy, then off for a drive round the Fife coast. The Largos, Crail, Anstruther, etc. Lobster and chips for dinner if we’re lucky.


took the dog up a hill. he’s got sore paws now.


Too much beer in the sun last night. Woken up by a mixture of heartburn and hayfever, awful.

Working 6 days this week, here we go lads!!



Mother and her son were sat in front of me on the bus and moved as I was blowing my nose so much. I thought about explaining that I’m not contagious - just allergic - but let it lie as I didn’t want to seem like a nutter.


This is affecting me quite a bit more than I’m letting on. Feel like I’ll never be happy.


any potential for carrying it on after she leaves?


my boss has decided to stay home and work on stuff which means i basically have fuck all to do. total doss day, woohoo. gonna go and get an iced coffee.


Feel like the structural analysis of my problems with multiple ultimatums may have been basically absolving the chance of this unless there were very defined changes, which is fair enough in a way (and definitely can’t blame someone for tbh) and in other ways very upsetting.


bbc weather showing that it’s not even going to be sunny for the rest of the week, just fucking hot and humid

fucking shiteeeeeeeeeeee


That’s shite man. Let’s go get some pints soon?


Also, forgot to say I’m wearing shorts AND trainers in the office :sob: what have i become?


Late to work because I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Gonna pick up some beers at lunch time because the only way I can combat this heat is with some frosty cold ones.

I’ve bought my wife this wee mister for her cheese plant but I imagine we’ll just take it in turns spraying it into each others faces as we sit on a waffle knit sofa that is pure hell in this heat.


Am eating a bacon sandwich. All downhill from the moment I finish it.


Morning folks. Wrecked after a pretty ‘active’ weekend culminating in running a 10k yesterday morning. Spent the rest of the day on the couch though with my bro playing Zelda and watching The Goonies.

It’s shorts in the office weather today! :open_mouth: :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:


My Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist has absolutely delivered in buckets this morning.


At Gatwick. I love flying and normally I’d be really excited but all these attacks have put the fear of god into me. So many armed police with massive guns… through security now though so I’m going to settle my nerves with a cider in Spoons.


Hallo aus Frankfurter flughafen!