i’m really hungry


exact same


might be all the bbbq chat


I am also ditto.


Me too :sob: lunch thread?


honestly don’t think i could handle it. i’ve got to last another hour before any food.

going to try distracting myslef with coffee


4 minutes until i can go and get something

will most likely be a massive salad with fucking loads of coleslaw and either some cake or a huge yogurt


Fuckit, im going out for lunch


What’s your coffee like then mr japes? How do ya take it?


have been using that v60 drip thing that @meowington made me buy

which was alright but a bit of a faff. but i’ve run out of coffee beans for it so i’m on misery instant stuff.


My god, I’m still listening to mortician and all I want to do is lock myself away in a dark room and bulk watch horror after horror in a bath of popcorn. The bf is away tomorrow night… IT IS ON!!!

In other news there was a guy sitting behind me on the bus who looked like he could be a DiSer. Hiya beardy man with glasses and giant headphones :wave:


Get yourself an aeropress! But only if you want to :blush:


Well, gonna go sit on a plane for 9 hours :weary:


I also wondered how you actually take your coffee. Milk? If so what kind of milk? What is your preferred type of coffee? Do you hand grind? Do you prefer fruity or chocolatey? Let me rummage through the innards of your coffee brain.


i need a horror marathon soon too. the wife cannot deal with horror films at all.


people were talking about old school horror films last night and I felt so out of the loop! Like they were so geeky to the point of feeling embarrassed about how many films theyd watched but goddamnit, I love that kind of thing and I was so annoyed I didn’t fully know what they were talking about :sob: gotta get swotting.


full fat milk, no sugar.

usually like a really dark roast, more chocolatey / nutty than sweet / fruity.

look at this cute wee macchiato i had on saturday though



i’ve been in the mood for some real classics, think i’ll start out with hallowe’en. there’s a real joy for me in seeing films i’ve seen a million times in HD for the first time and picking out details you’ve never seen before. most of my horror knowledge will be from VHS tapes i bought in the late 90s and early 00s so it’s like seeing them for the first time a lot of the time.


i’ve never seen hallowe’en


Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Where did you have that??? That cake too :heart_eyes: I’m in Glasgow twice over the next week so eh, if it’s in Glasgow I want it.

Full fat milk please and no sugar either, though if I’m having a cappuccino I quite enjoy taking one of those gnarly lumps of brown sugar, popping it on top of the froth and watching it sink into the murky depths below :smiley: i also like a mocha on ocassion. Artisan roast do a lemongrass white chocolate mocha and the Zulu lounge literally ladle melted chocolate into their mochas, dear oh dear. Generally though it’s a flat white if I’m out and about and an aeropress at home. I think if I had to choose I’d probably prefer fruity madness.