as far as i remember it’s geuinely really good, but it has been 10+ years


I left the curtain open for some reason in my room last night, and my face subsequently has a nice golden tan.


Got loads to do, but I am kind of on the 2nd day of a 2-day hangover which isn’t ideal. :neutral_face:


Zu pummeled the shit out of me last night. Utterly astounding gig. Anyone seen them recently?

Had a funny old weekend. Mostly good though.


sadly not. was just outside callander, right beside loch venachar.

I love dipping a sugar cube into the coffee and watching the coffee soak up into like magic :smiley:


On a scale of 1-10, how Cockney are you? As reference points, Danny Dyer is a 7, Ryan Giggs probably a 2 and Balonz a 10.

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For the fao of @imaperv


nae sauce?


:heart_eyes: I was trying to explain the joy of watching a film multiple times and the bf just doesn’t like doing it, I understand… I suppose :joy:

Actually, the bf and I kind of fell in love over one summer when I turned up to hang out with his sister with a giant box of bmovie vhs tapes my uncle had picked up from various car boot sales and given to my brother who then desperately asked me to take them off his hands. We all got very drunk and watched some terrible things! It was the best summer.

Halloween is one that I watch pretty often. I love it. When John Carpenter played it at that gig … AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Amazing. I’m wanting to make my way though all the classics that I haven’t been able to get hold of… I still haven’t seen prince of Darkness!! Some friends for Halloween are going to show it at a church with smoke machines, my friend is dressing as Alice cooper :thumbsup: might wait till then.


20p extra, I’m not made of money.



Ah, that legendary box of b-movie VHS tapes. I’d like an identical summer.


Ooo, well I might go there one day! Do you remember the name? What kind of cake was it?

Coffee is brilliant. You know I didn’t start drinking coffee or tea until I was 22? Madness.


that’s st andrews for you




it’s boiling in our office. all our fans had gone missing (today’s the first day we’ve needed to use them since last year) but my manager just tracked them down - they had been “borrowed” to keep some capuchin monkeys cool :confused:


It feels like it should be a bank holiday Monday. I’m having a bank holiday. You can’t tell ME what to do, Theresa!!!


do you work at the zoo


i do


do you really? that’s awesome!