Had two awkward moments so far today.

a) Mocked the amount of times we hold minutes silences here at work. I say awkward, I mean full on telling off about being ‘barely human’

b) Had one of those bullshit unanswerable queries about numbers where someone importants trying to buy time so they don’t get kicked around in a financial meeting, and knew off the top of my head what it was - emailed back and after pressing send said ‘SUCK MY DICK’ turned round and the person who sent it was standing there and I had to make up something about having an unfortunate habit of it when listening to eminem on the way in.

Apart from that just looking to forward to my lovely dinner of ready brek as I’ve taken to eating that for tea cos I’m probably having a massive breakdown.

Fuck it, gonna moan about this. Been doing a job waaaay above my payscale for a year now and literally managed everything they’ve asked in budget, in time and got amazing feedback. The people love me.

The job I’m doing is now advertised formally and they’ve specifically not included me on the email that advises its up, and on that email, mentioned that they have changed to title to appeal to external applicants. What a bunch of wankers. Can’t wait til they employ some clown and I can just let them fail miserably for 6 months until they have to crawl back for a second time.

EDIT: Third time!


yeah. i work in the offices (general marketing dogsbody) so i don’t work directly with the animals, but obviously i get to see them a bit and stuff. it’s a pretty cool place to work in that respect.


i have to say, i’m a big fan of animals (non human ones in particular etc)


this is amazing! :smiley:


Ffs I only just stopped feeling ill


aww bless ya. i might hit you up for some recommendations once i work through a few that i had in mind. really wanna see candyman in proper HD, bet it looks great.



Only annoyance is that I don’t think they’ll pay for a hotel for me but if I get the first possible train from my hometown (at half 5) i would only be in Brum 15 mins before the assessment day starts. Hmm


Read this post as being @DarwinBabe at first based on the avatar - threw me a bit :grinning:

And sorry to hear about these travails s_a_d


We could have had a wip round if we had known things were that bad


weird sun GO AWAY


Anyone seen Snowpiercer? I finally watched it last night (ex wife tracked down a dutch blu ray copy on Amazon – Father’s Day present), thought it was decent.


We’re interchangeable.

And thank you, I’m not actually annoyed, just seems a weird way for very well paid senior people to behave. Middle class WANKERS.


Went to see my Dad for Father’s day, spent most of the day there and had a good time but felt kind of bad for not seeing him more often.

Went to bed fairly early because of the heat and woke up at six.

Got slightly irked at work because we had a 1 minute silence for the victims of Grenfell and one person behind was typing away loudly. Didn’t actually say anything but, c’mon man.


Has anyone ever seen a happier toilet roll dispenser?


haha yes, once.


aaaarggh fucking useless Sports Direct* bastards (with whom I nonetheless sympathise because of the shitty company they have to work for). I bought some hiking/walking boots online, size 9.5 because that’s normally my size. boots were too big, so I request an exchange for some size 9 boots.

after the faff of getting them sent back, and the waiting, I get the parcel today and finally feel like I can go and do the environmental volunteer work I want/need to do, plus maybe do some fun outdoor activities with friends.

fucking size 10s. fuck off. :rage: :disappointed:

not a great day so far, then.

*also, I only bought the boots from there because I’m poor, aka the Primark defense.


Love stuff like this.

Like the shocked face that US plug sockets have