Fuck’s sake.

It’s 94 degrees in here and my colleague next to me is eating egg.

It’s smells fucking rotten. There’s a canteen downstairs for shit like this.

How do I broach this without being either passive aggressive or, indeed, just downright aggressive?


Omg omg omg spent so much time looking for stuff and queuing in Boots that by the time I was on my way to the gate it said that the gate was closed :fearful: rushed there, disgusting sweaty mess, and the gate was very very much NOT CLOSED. FFS


I genuinely don’t think theres a way to broach this subject without becoming the office weirdo.





No, that’s my fear.



I mean, that’s what you say to them.


Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Probably verging on the downright aggressive, that.


can you not just start holding your nose and shouting “eurgh eggy! eggeeeeeeeeey! eggy! EGGY! eggggggyyyy!!!” like any normal civilised person.


edit: don’t edit your way out of this!!!


Well, I guess I could…


sup?? ??


So help me I will contact every IT department in the land


I’m going to go outside now, hopefully won’t die!


I think you can hatch a better plan than that


So did you do anything in the end? Feels like the moment might have past…


Yeah, in the end I fronted her out & asked her if she’d farted…

I didn’t ask her if she’d farted.

I did nothing, like a massive old sap.

Next time, Gadget.


Let’s play I HAVE NEVER.

I HAVE NEVER read The Lord of the Rings.

I started doing so on my lunch break today.


do we like your post if we haven’t?


I didn’t think this through. Maybe?


I want to play!!