Okay, I just did, but for the avoidance of doubt I HAVE NEVER READ THE LORD OF THE RINGS


do a new thread!


When do we take a drink?


1 because i was born in east london


just applied for a job, right. based ont he job role i gave my relevant experience and explained how i was suited to the job. got basically an autoresponse back saying ‘due to the high volume of applications, please review this brief and write a paragraph explaining why you’d be suitable for the role’

erm, mates


My skin darkens very rapidly in the sun (I’ve been trying to get that vitamin d) but LOOK

The difference between my inside arm and hand is crazy (also this photo was very awkward to take)


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Just spot on tbf. Watch out, Mi’ladies!!!


im there at the end of july - any tips?


That reminds me, whatever happened to hermano and his shoes?


you look like you’re tying off


just paid £2 (two pounds) for that


Could have bought a big bag of ice for that.




i got tricked. i didn’t know how much it cost until the lady wrung it up on the till.

was in too deep at that point.

wait… rung? fuck knows.


Almost as bad as when you try a beer at the bar and it tastes like toilet water

mm, yes pint of that please


Did it have a handle? That would be really hot glass to hold, no?


drinking a hot cappuccino because i got served by the same person as this morning and thought two iced coffees in one day would seem a bit weird


dunno about that, far easier to back out of the shitey beer. “mmm… not for me that one, let me have x instead”

no way to back out of my purchase without letting the woman know i’m tight.


no and no

must have been thick glass i guess idk


found a pub near me that i didn’t realise existed, went in on a saturday night and it was only half full, got a seat easily, had a decent beer selection. thought fucking hell, result! then got served two different pints of flat, warm beer. ffs m9s.