I love this!!

ooo, let me try them all please! Om nom nom nom… yes, they all taste amazing BUT to be sure, let me try everything else, thank you.


Nip round to Crail, it’s nicer.


Doesnt look like sake to me pal




if this is for the coppers, just send 'em this:


heh nah, just another boring corporate editing job *sigh*


i’m so fucking done with today.


i’m so bored, I keep eating
I’m not even hungry!


Same. I’ve eaten a ‘Choc Brownie’ Mars bar (shite) and a KitKat since lunch. Not good.


me too

tho: i am dreading leaving this air conditioned office



i’m doing a lots of aimless walking between rooms/departments etc


Keep forgetting I’m seeing DIAMANDA GALAS tonight.

Though not looking forward to the 90 minute train journey to Farringdon during rush hour. Eurgh.


I’ve crossed that worrying line between panicking I’ve got too much to do and having done a fair bit and now relaxing too much. Might read the Zelda thread till the end of the day, even though it fills me with envy.


I was thinking of going to a spin class later but went yesterday morning and it was insanely sweaty that I can be arsed for that today on a shit nights sleep


I’m on my first day of a fortnight off (sorry). Went into town for a haircut and to do a few other things. Now I’m reading my book with a cold beer in an air conditioned bar surrounded by tourists. With that and the weather, it’s like being on holiday in my own city.


ARRGH, you just reminded me I need to cancel mine for today… I’m probably too late though and I’ll be charged anyway. Damndamndamn.


It’s very easy to forget how hot it is out there, when I’ve been in an office that if anything is slightly too chilly.

Have to walk across a bridge from the main building to the entrance building that is basically a greenhouse. That’ll be fun.

And then the car has been sat in the middle of a shadeless car park, cooking away since 8.45 this morning. Urgh.


This has sorted me right out


Went and saw a room I like in Leeds and the letting man seems to be having some trouble getting the tenancy documents over to me. Irritating.


Ooh I’d eat one of those right now.