Saw this absolute lad on the metro today. Good start to the morning.

Good weekend? I went to Stockholm pride which was fun, then on Sunday went to a Brazilian event organised by the Brazilian consulate. It poured with rain the whole time. Pretty sure they don’t have rain in Brazil right? Ate some good deep fried cheese though.

HBU? Good weekend? Feeling good?

Goodbye :umbrella:

I’m on my way to the airport for 18 days of

Which is not exactly el scorchio but is perfect for me and this


That looks amazing. Have a great time!

Cheers man

It’s costa del sol so it’s a bit touristy but the little village and our apartments above it are very nice

As is the beach

Did you get your flat situation sorted btw? Not had a chance to speak to my neighbour yet, he’s been in San Diego

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Looks awesome! That beach is insania.

I’ve actually just found somewhere this weekend! Got a deposit-free place in Sundbyberg (nice apartment too!) til January so I can save then and sort it properly in January. Absolute miracle!! Thanks so much for the offer to help out man, really appreciate it. I’ll buy you a whiskey when you get back!!

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Also, you are maybe aware but just in case

August in Stockholm is perfect for

Australia found another way to threaten human life @ma0sm @robluvsnic

Saw Dunkirk yesterday in one of the ‘Vue Xtreme’ screens. Beyond intense at points.

whats extreme about them?

Not a fan of having two daily threads.

Got a week off so going to go gym, eat and watch hockey. Wish there was more on at the cinema so I could make use of my unlimited pass.

for some reason I misread this as “unlimited peas”


It was a large screen (though not quite Imax big), but the biggest difference I found was in the sound quality and volume. It was full surround, but at almost deafening volume at times - particularly when the planes were flying all around and dropping bombs. Combined with the way it was filmed it really felt like you were in the middle of it all.

Not sure if was specific to the ‘Xtreme’ screens, but there was masses of leg room and large seats too. It was slightly more expensive but definitely worth it for that kind of film. Great experience.

Well I do like peas but not sure how many I’d get through :grinning:

I slept so terribly (insomnia is back ffs) and have woken up feeling extremely rough so I’m taking a sick day.

I stayed in all day yesterday too so slightly concerned about going stir crazy.

Between Friday and Sunday I only left the house to get Revels from the shop, a burrito from the burrito van, and some stir fry ingredients from Co-op.

It was great.

Morning all.

Saturday I saw my boy in the day which was marvellous. Then went to the pub to catch up with some old ATDs. One of them brought her cousin and she was definitely into me. Lives in that there London though, so no chance.

I slept half of yesterday, got up to watch the footy, then saw my good buddy Nick for beer and games. Good weekend.

you could have got the revels from the coop and saved yourself a trip

You could have made a burrito out of revels and kitchen roll and saved yourself a trip.


Revels were first. Stir fry was for after I realised that living off burritos and Revels wasn’t sustainable.

Morning all.

Dismally grey and drizzly outside.

Lots of data mining to do today, one of my direct reports is off sick so ALL HANDS TO PUMPS and things.

Hendon v Hertford Town this evening, final pre-season friendly.