Morning everybody.

Things to do today:

. Go for run with friend this morning
. Tidy Bedroom
. start @xylo’s dudebro pushup thing

Have fun with your work jobs and things!


Got the day off ain’t I


ain’t you just!

What cool thing will you be doing?


Gym, housework, learning songs for this band I’m playing guitar for next week. Might re-string my guitar actually


yeah I need to restring mine too, I got some nice flat-wound strings but I dunno if I’ll stick with those next time. Big decision!



Going back to my parents place for s couple of days. Traffic coming out of Boomtown will make getting anywhere a pain. Got to cut my grandparents lawn and pay a cheque (??) into the bank. Meeting some ATDs for food and beer later this evening.




I know!!!


Morning Bam, feeling rough after just one beer and two glasses of wine. Got loads of work to do today but I can’t bring myself to get out of bed. Might work in bed as a treat.


morning C! A week or so back I had a serious hangover after two cans of red stripe, think I might just quit this whole drinking thing altogether.


Morning, all. Woke up at 4.30 so ate a bunch of porridge, had a few cups of tea, and read The Path, which is a precis of this Harvaard lecturer’s course on Chinese philosophy and how it relates to life. Core point seems to basically be that the Protestant(/Calvinist) work ethic bred into us is the wrong way to look at how to go about leading a decent life. “It’s all bout the journey, man”, etc. Quite a nice and easy read, though, and I mean he is right, it’s just nothing you won’t already know/agree with if you aren’t a hypercapitalist pigdog.




morning everyone, had a shit weekend mixed with goodness. went to buy a car to find the prick had already sold it.

then again my youngest started standing whilst holding stuff up, so there’s that.

I have a new podcast episode, if anyone wants to listen.


Morning all!

First day back at work starts with a hospital check up and ends with a game of football against some old men (who I work with.)


Morning Bam!

Whats this push up thing? I wanna get better at push ups and I flat out refuse to do “lady” ones but I can do maybe 5 full ones?

I’m WFH cause I have to go to the dr at 10:45 which is an annoying time. But I’ll grab a coffee for the walk home.
Got gym tonight.


Feel pretty wank tbqfh.


awesome, this will soundtrack my evening nicely, cheers!


it’s this thingie here

I doubt I will get to the full 100 but it would be nice to feel some tangible improvement in my strength.



I had to leave the house at 3am to find a shop I could buy Neurofen in. Not really the best of nights’ sleep.


Got up early to watch Twin Peaks. Working today at an advertising place today, dreading that it’s gonna be awful. Band practice tonight, looking forward to that.