Tjena tjabba hallå! I’m working from Cyprus for the week which I can’t complain about.

How are you? Excited for the week ahead?

Morning ssf. Walking into work. I have a cold face because decided to trim my messy beard right back last night. But I’m listening to the new Converge long player. Balances out.

Nothing planned this week. Just want a quiet one really.

I made a video about Cyprus a few years back, it might help.

Morning all!

Just left the GPs to have my cough looked at. Apparently it’ll clear up eventually and me and everyone around me are going to have to put up with it for the meantime. Sorry co-workers.

Today I’m off to Newbury after work to avoid a 5am start tomorrow. Hotel and dinner for one. Bit worried I’m supposed to pick up my train tickets from home, but the relevant details are at work, so will need to jump that bridge when I get into the office.

Such excitement - how will we all cope?!

It’s so dark and soggy out :confused:

Bless you!




Morning all. Working today but cba. Drinking coffee. That’s about it.

Morning all. Mondays are a love/hate for me because i have to get up early to get a lift in to work, but it does give me an hour so for breakfast and my ipod in starbucks. Can’t really complain.

2 weeks then I have a week off work, v. excited.

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Hello :wave:

I feel TERRIBLE :scream:

im terrible at thinking of threads but I’d really appreciate lots of fun, distracting ones today. Thanks DiS!!

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Massively 20/8/16 (spoilers in the event that you were planning to do the i codeword. SFW obvs)

Morning @Witches! I had an idea for a thread but I’m going to save it for post AQOS

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There’s an AMAer i’m excited about coming earlier than usual today!!


Morning all. On the bus to zombie job. Really need the other job to send me my start date or to get paid for previous work, otherwise my week is going to be pretty grim.

Oh no! Monday blues?

I have had a thread idea for a while, might break it out later.




@banks ?

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Yipee :slight_smile:

Yeah total Monday blues, I’ll be snap out of it once I get going. It was just an initial, lying in the darkness feeling of doom and loneliness :scream: i turned the light on and now I feel better :smiley: haha!!! sooooooo dramatic.

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