oh so very very tired




Morning. Bit irked by how long it’s taking me to get to sleep at the moment although I need to implement better sleep hygiene I suppose. First day in the office for two weeks and only about the third in a month. Got a lot to do. Tired.


Was not in the best mood yesterday , and was feeling fairly shit by bedtime

Feel much better today, but that might all change once I start up the work laptop

Ty Segal at the Concorde tonight!


Really pleased I booked today off to recover from my weekend of penoiding.

Going to play stuff on my Switch all day then maybe go to the pub this evening to indulge in some light penoiding.


Same. Tempted to go back to sleep meds for a night but trying to kick that shit




I’ve got the day off today to recover from my penoiding too (triathlon).

So that means I’ve booked in a dentist’s appointment and will have to check in with work as the shit hit the fan a bit on Friday, and it needs to be resolved by tomorrow…


Morning team! En route to work, listening to the ace summer playlist I made last year at my old work and looking at this

Have a splendid day DiS!


Was supposed to have my quarterly appraisal with my boss today but she’s ill. I know it’s not nice to celebrate a fellow colleague having a cold but FUCKING GET IN THERE!

Half a day today cos me and the tv are gatecrashing my folk’s week in Derbyshire for a few days :blush:


Better start unpacking some beer then!


Just arrived at Heathrow, few hours to kill to the next flight.
Think I’ll get some food and buy a book.


Do you think the bright light city is gonna set your soul, gonna set your soul on fire?


ich bin tired


Have you broken into @rich-t’s kitchen?


Bit irked already and it’s 9.10 ffs. This is going well


Tired. Dead from 240km yesterday.

Got a v busy week ahead and simultaneously can and cannot be arsed :thinking:


Also tired. Went to the Peak District for a walk yesterday but the TV couldn’t sleep last night which meant he inadvertently woke me up every two hours. My face looks like a pack of Billy Bear meat. I don’t do well on a lack of sleep.


morning gang, I feel fresh as a daisy! lol jk … so very tired

had a pretty shite weekend, been feeling really bummed out. hopefully this week is better.


Got a meeting at the bank this morning. Really, really CBA.